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  • Dear West Mercer Families, 

    I hope your 2022 is off to a great start! I am reviving our Family Newsletter with the intention of sharing West Mercer-specific information with our community. I will attempt brevity and focus on high priority areas, as I understand you receive a lot of communication on many levels. 

    WM Updates: 
    1. COVID response - We have been responding swiftly and effectively to COVID-related concerns in our building, and we are certainly on the downside of the recent surge. MISD has shifted to a 5-day quarantine per guidance and we have initiated the “Test-to-Stay” protocol. More information on this process can be found here

    2. Zoom - Some families have asked about a zoom instruction option when they choose to hold their student from school or beyond a school-required quarantine. While some teachers have been able to adjust to honor these requests over the past few weeks, we are moving away from any non-required zoom option and toward getting students back to school/in-person learning through our Test-to-Stay protocol. Starting next week, we will only be providing zoom instruction for students who have been required by the school to quarantine. 

    3. Mid-Year Review - I will be hosting a “Mid-Year Review” on zoom on Wednesday, February 9th from 5:00-6:00pm. This event is intended for parents and guardians in order to share updates and progress toward our School Improvement Plan (SIP) goals. Our SIP was shared with the community and school board on November 18th. A video of this presentation and the PDF of our SIP can be found on the Board Docs webpage. There will be space for general feedback and questions at this event as well. Zoom link: https://mercerislandschools.zoom.us/j/89006713427

    4. Weekly Wrap-Up and Isakson Reads Videos - Each Friday, I share a video with the whole school which includes a  “Word of the Week” and corresponding text, as well as other general school updates and announcements. These “Weekly Wrap Up” videos and the “Isakson Reads” book reading are archived on our school website here.   

    5. Other Minor Nuts & Bolts - 
    *Big toy after school - If your child is playing on the big toy after school, please make sure you are nearby/supervising. We need to make sure all students are accounted for, especially those being picked up in the car loop, and appreciate your help. 

    *Phones/smartwatches at school - We do not allow students to use cell phones or devices that call/text during the school day, as they become a distraction in the learning environment. If your student needs to contact you during the day, please have them communicate with their classroom teacher. 

    *Before and after school clubs may resume in person beginning 1/25. Still no visitors or volunteers on campus until further notice. 

    *I will return to sharing a family newsletter every 3-4 weeks and if/when warranted due to the need to share important or time-sensitive information.

    6. Important Dates:
    1/22 and 2/12 - MISD Vaccination Clinics - Make an appointment here.
    1/25 - Clubs may resume in-person
    1/25-1/28 - “Great Kindness Challenge” Week
    1/25 - Incoming (2022-2023) Kindergarten Information Night - More information on our website.
    2/1 - Lunar New Year
    2/9 - Mid-Year Review zoom event
    2/10 - West Mercer Mandarin Family Night 
    2/14 - Valentine’s Day - Information will be communicated via your child’s teacher or room parent(s). 

    And Finally…
    As we continue onward through this pandemic, our community continues to rise up and come together. We cannot control many things, but we can control our perspective and the story we tell ourselves. We are a strong, vibrant, learning community full of joy, curiosity, hard work, and connection. We have and will continue to make this school year the best we can for all our scholars. Thank you, always, for your support and partnership.

    In Solidarity,

    Megan Isakson
    West Mercer Elementary


About West Mercer Elementary

  •  West Mercer Logo

    Mission Statement:
    West Mercer is a place of joy where all students, staff, and families commit to grow, empower and value each other. We believe that our capacity to learn is unlimited.

    Value, Belief  and Commitment Statements:

    • We believe in strong partnerships with families and our community. We commit to respecting their insights and opinions.
    • We believe that every student and family in our community belongs. We commit to foster and embrace all aspects of diversity and further commit to face and address areas of inequity.
    • We believe it is important that we (staff, students, and families) enjoy each other and our time together at school. We commit to building relationships.
    • We believe that West Mercer is a place of emotional and physical safety. We commit to developing social/emotional health in our students.
    • We believe that behavior expectations must be clearly communicated and that students’ should be celebrated for appropriate behavior, not just criticized when they fall below behavior expectations. We commit to providing a positive behavior intervention system (PAWS).
    • We believe that learning should be personalized to meet the needs of the students in our classrooms and school. We commit to providing differentiated instructional practice.
    • We believe that student learning is most likely to occur when we use consistent, research based instructional practices and curricula. We commit to provide the guaranteed and viable curriculum mandated by the District and approved through School Board vote.
    • We believe that critical thinking and analytical/processing skills are crucial for future global opportunities. We commit to culture and foster these important thinking and problem solving skills.
    • We believe that every child needs appropriate challenge. We commit to continually improving our instructional practice so that we can grow ALL students’ skill and understanding.
    • We believe that every person (including us adults) can learn. We commit to learn from each other and from experts in a variety of fields.
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