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    Dear West Mercer Families, 

    I hope this letter finds you well. We are well into 2023 and fast approaching the midway point of our school year. (Can you believe it?!) As usual, there is a lot going on in our teaching and learning community!

    Updates from our school community:

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 16th
    Last week, students across our school engaged in learning around the life, work, and leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading up to the MLK holiday this past Monday. Perhaps you also had opportunities to connect with your child around the lasting impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or take part in an act of service in his honor. 

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s leadership, unwavering spirit, and commitment to collective action in the face of adversity have had lasting impacts in our country and lives. While his actions as a civil rights leader were illuminated on the national stage, I am also reminded that small moments of humanity and leadership within our schools, neighborhoods, and communities can lead to positive change in our world. We all have the capacity to ignite positive change every day - a simple connection with a stranger, an important conversation with your child, getting curious and asking questions, engaging in new learning - there are so many ways to shape the world in which we live. 

    Lunar New Year - January 22nd 
    Another special holiday is around the corner. Many countries around the world - as well as families and staff in our own community - will be celebrating Lunar New Year beginning January 22nd. Our students have been learning about some of the traditions of Lunar New Year in music class and through read-aloud books this week. There are many resources available in our community and online to learn about the origins and various ways different families and cultures celebrate Lunar New Year.

    PTA General Meeting on January 25th from 6:00-7:30
    Please join our PTA and guests from MIYFS for a presentation and discussion about anxiety and stress in our children. This meeting will also hold a vote for the nominating committee. 

    Competitive Spelling Bee - January 26th at 4pm
    This is the official “Scripps” competitive spelling bee open to all grades. Winners will be declared for each grade and our school winner will move on to the Seattle area competition. More details can be found on our PTA website: https://westmercerptsa.membershiptoolkit.com/spelling_bee including registration form, study lists and contact info for host, Justin Deng.

    No School - January 30th 

    Kindergarten Information Night - January 31st 
    Do you have an incoming kindergartner in the 2023-2024 school year? Please join us for an informational meeting where we will cover a broad overview of kindergarten, the registration process, upcoming opportunities, etc. 

    Bingo Night - February 2nd at 5:30 
    Come join a fun family event sponsored by our PTA. 

    Black Student Union Mentorship Group - March 1st 
    The next meeting for this group will be on March 1st. The BSU is also working on resources and video materials to share for Black History Month coming up in February. 

    5th Grade Camp Information Night - January 26th at 6pm
    Our Cedar Springs Camp representatives will be here on January 26th for a general overview of the camp and to answer any questions you may have. This event is for 5th grade parents only. All 5th grade families have also already received information regarding forms and payment for camp via the skyward system. If you are a parent of a 5th grader, please make sure you complete these camp forms and your payment as soon as possible. 

    Principal Coffee Chat - March 15th from 4:30-5:00 (Date changed from March 8th)
    Thank you to those of you who came to our last coffee chat on January 11th. Our group ended up having a great discussion around appropriate and safe uses of technology and social media, which is a pressing topic for our time and children. Our school district takes technology use very seriously and has built many systems to support safe conduct online, including the code of conduct you all signed at the start of the school year and a myriad of firewalls for non-educational apps or websites. We have dedicated staff members for both the logistics and learning side of technology in our elementary schools, some of which have co-taught with our classroom teachers to provide digital citizenship instruction. In our coffee chat, parents shared strategies and resources, including a “Parent Map” resource linked here. Our next coffee chat will be on March 15th. (This date shifted from the original date of March 8th due to a scheduling conflict.) Coffee chat discussion topics will be dictated by the interest(s) of the group. 

    Just another kind reminder, please do not drop your child off prior to 9:00 am in the car loop. We do not have supervision on the playground or within the car loop area before 9:00 am and it poses a significant safety risk. 

    As always, my door is always open. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get a chance to enjoy these bright spots of sun and blue sky!

    In Partnership, 
    Principal Isakson
    West Mercer Elementary 


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    West Mercer is a place of joy where all students, staff, and families commit to grow, empower and value each other. We believe that our capacity to learn is unlimited.

    Value, Belief  and Commitment Statements:

    • We believe in strong partnerships with families and our community. We commit to respecting their insights and opinions.
    • We believe that every student and family in our community belongs. We commit to foster and embrace all aspects of diversity and further commit to face and address areas of inequity.
    • We believe it is important that we (staff, students, and families) enjoy each other and our time together at school. We commit to building relationships.
    • We believe that West Mercer is a place of emotional and physical safety. We commit to developing social/emotional health in our students.
    • We believe that behavior expectations must be clearly communicated and that students’ should be celebrated for appropriate behavior, not just criticized when they fall below behavior expectations. We commit to providing a positive behavior intervention system (PAWS).
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    • We believe that student learning is most likely to occur when we use consistent, research based instructional practices and curricula. We commit to provide the guaranteed and viable curriculum mandated by the District and approved through School Board vote.
    • We believe that critical thinking and analytical/processing skills are crucial for future global opportunities. We commit to culture and foster these important thinking and problem solving skills.
    • We believe that every child needs appropriate challenge. We commit to continually improving our instructional practice so that we can grow ALL students’ skill and understanding.
    • We believe that every person (including us adults) can learn. We commit to learn from each other and from experts in a variety of fields.
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