Mary Wayte Pool’s mechanical systems repaired – Update 02/11/13

Over the weekend, a crew repaired a filtration-system pipe that was degraded and corroded due to age and use. The pool is back to normal operation.

The 40-year old Mary Wayte pool is owned and operated by the Mercer Island School District. The District subcontracts the operation of the Pool to Olympic Cascade Aquatics (OCA). The City of Mercer Island provides an operating subsidy annually to help off-set costs.

The 1972 facility was originally funded as part of King County’s forward thrust bonds. King County returned ownership and operation of all of King Country’s pools back to local municipalities nearly 10 years ago. This district is examining ways and funding sources to continue maintenance on the pool and extend its useful life for 10 and more years.

According to Superintendent Gary Plano, “We are very grateful to the efforts of our maintenance crew, Aquatic Specialty Services and OCA for working hard to avert what could have been a major breakdown and long-term closure of the pool.”