Exposure Incident and Follow-Up

What is an exposure incident?

An exposure incident means a specific

  • eye,
  • mouth, or other mucous membrane,
  • non-intact skin,
  • or parenteral (injectable) contact with the blood or other potentially infectious materials that results from the performance of an employee's duties. Examples of non intact skin include skin with dermatitis, hangnails, cuts, abrasions, chafing, or acne.

What do I do if I have an exposure incident?

Contact your building administrator and school nurse immediately. Page or call the administrator and nurse if they are not in your building at the time of exposure. Do not wait until the end of the workday!


To prevent the spread of a communicable disease such as Hepatitis B after an exposure, it requires a quick and prompt medical evaluation. Waiting may decrease your chances for the best treatment options available for you. Remember that to acquire an infection one must come in contact with an infectious person’s blood/body fluids. Because we do not know what infectious pathogens another person may have, it is essential to have medical follow-up.

Please note: If your exposure incident occurred while you were out of the district performing your job duty as a district employee, you may go directly to an emergency room for follow-up care.