How can I access childcare services?

As the District considered continuing to provide childcare service, we looked carefully at the relatively small number of children who have actually accessed the District-provided childcare (to date, only 9 students). The Boys & Girls Club, with whom we have been coordinating as we created the District-provided childcare, has also been operating below capacity. 

Given that adding the students who have been accessing the District-provided childcare would not overburden the Boys & Girls Club, the District has concluded that combining into a single program in one location is the best approach to serving the community at this time. Effective Wednesday, April 8, 2020, the District is suspending its mandated child care program. The students being served by that program will now go to the Boys & Girls Club. 

The District will work closely with the Boys & Girls club to provide ongoing support of the mandated provision of childcare services to these students. Initially, the District will continue to support these children through the provision of school lunches, and donations of Personal Protection Equipment to the Boys & Girls Club, cleaning/disinfecting supplies and other support, as necessary.