November 2018

Posted by Joby McGowan on 11/10/2018



November 1, 2018

Dear Lakeridge Students and Families,

Welcome to November! 

November is a month of taking time to reflect and express gratitude for those people and experiences that we’ve been blessed with in our lives. The month is kicked off with Veterans Day when we all stop for a moment to honor those men and women who’ve served our country. Then, November brings Fall parent conferences and Thanksgiving – both opportunities to sit down together with people who we care about and care about us to reflect on the past and plan for the future. 

On the other hand, November can also be the start of the hectic holiday season that brings changes in school and family routines. Even the time of day and daytime changes as we “Fall back” for Daylight Savings! This season of change can often be challenging to navigate both at home and at school, but with a bit of patience and cooperative teamwork, we can support our kids by sticking to as many regular routines (like attending school!) as possible.  

In this message, you will find…

  • School Board Visit
  • Veterans Day
  • Fall Conferences Information
  • October Happenings & Events
  • LION PRIDE Updates:
    • Character Trait of the Month
    • Schoolwide PBIS & Social Emotional Learning
    • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Green Team - King County Green Assembly
    • Safety Matters 
  • Upcoming Dates

Coming soon! MISD School Board Visit…YOU are invited!

We are so excited to get the opportunity to show-off our amazing school, students, staff, parents and learning that happens every day here at Lakeridge!  The MISD School Board will be visiting Lakeridge on Tuesday, November 27! 

***The School Board is also looking forward to the opportunity to visit with our Lakeridge community. YOU and all Lakeridge parents and families are invited to join staff and the Board for refreshments and conversation at 11:00 am in the Library on November 27. *** 


Mr. Stevens, our new music teacher, and his team have been hard at work preparing for our annual Veteran’s Day Assembly. This is one of our most loved assemblies of the year as our students honor their family members and all service men and women of our US Armed Forces. Parents are invited to join us at 10:30 am in the Lakeridge gym. We’d love to fill the gym to celebrate this important day for our country! 


November brings the end of first trimester, which also means report cards (progress reports) and Fall parent/teacher conferences are just around the corner.

We believe that a two-way relationship between school and home is essential for the success of students. Since we only have one annual time set aside for Parent-Teacher Conferences, we here at Lakeridge place great importance on these three days in November. These 3 days are full work days for teachers and if they are not going to be at school on these three important days, they have to take them off as personal leave.

Teachers also spend a good deal of time preparing for conferences which can make it difficult for teachers to provide conferences outside of the scheduled three days. Many of our teachers stretch their availability to do everything they can to accommodate family schedules and we also understand that there can be extraordinary circumstances (e.g. a death or illness in the family) that require alternatives, but requests outside of conference days cannot always be accommodated. If you plan to be away during our conference days, please consider a phone or skype conference (during the 3 work days).

Conferences schedules are now open for you to sign up via Skyward. We all thank you for your partnership in supporting our school and students. See you all at conferences! 

October Happenings & Events

  • Scholastic’s Mr. Schu & Pop-Up Book Fair – Kudos to our superstar librarian, Mrs. Otteson, for working her magic to bring Scholastic’s Ambassador for School Libraries, Mr. Schu, to Lakeridge students. He was an amazing and motivating speaker that truly inspired all of our students to read, write, explore and love reading and books! To highlight this very special event, Mrs. Otteson hosted a one-day pop-up book fair in the Library. Way to go, Lakeridge readers!
  • Healthy Ways to School – Again this year, dozens of students who don’t normally walk or ride bikes to school turned out on foot or wheels to participate in our Healthy Ways to School day. When we find healthy ways to school, we save our bodies and we save the planet in little but significant ways! 
  • Halloween Parade – As you know, Halloween is a big deal here at Lakeridge. Our Halloween parade was a wild success again this year with costumes of all kinds and elaborate classroom events and parties. Thank you to staff, parents and students for a FRIGHTFULLY FUN and smooth event!
  • October National Bullying Prevention Month
    October was National Bullying Prevention Month. Lakeridge kicked off this important month with a performance (play) by Taproot Theatre Company. From Taproot’s website, “Being a kid is hard! Dealing with bullying and disrespect makes it even harder. Using principles from the Committee for Children’s “Second Step” bullying prevention programs, Taproot Theatre Company’s touring productions equip students with the skills they need to stand up to bullying, solve problems and form lasting friendships.” Our PTA helps us bring Taproot Theatre to our students every year in October and the  Steps to Respect program is our district-adopted social-emotional and bullying prevention curriculum taught in every classroom, every year!



Those students who are selected by their teachers as our best examples of the character trait of the month, are invited to a LION’S DEN LUNCH with the principal to recognize their contributions to our positive school culture at Lakeridge.

  • October’s trait was COOPERATION
  • November’s trait is GENEROSITY


ss1         pic3

  • SECOND STEP is our schoolwide social- emotional learning curriculum. It is taught in every classroom, Kindergarten through fifth grade, with support from our school counselor and specialists. Second Step is an evidence-based social-emotional learning program that has been shown to decrease problem behaviors, and promote school success, self-regulation, and a sense of safety and support.
  • HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTIONS! At Lakeridge, we believe that when home, school and students are all hearing and saying the same message, students will be best supported in reaching high expectations! In other words, we believe they can and will do it! The language of Second Step can be seen on posters like those shown here all around the school and we’re always working towards the adults here being as consistent – even down to the words we use – as possible, so I thought I’d share a little of the specific language we use when we’re assisting students with problem-solving, making friends, playing and working together, and taking responsibility.. 

Problem-Solving Steps How to Calm Down

1. Say the Problem - without blame. • Stop – use your words.

2. Think of Solutions - safe and respectful. • Name your feeling

3. Explore Consequences - what could happen if… • Calm down – breathe, count, use positive self-talk

4. Pick the Best Solutions - make your plan!


Continuing from last month’s update, I wanted to share with you a unique reference to use when talking with kids about race and prejudice. “Beyond the Golden Rule: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice” provides age-appropriate advice to parents of kids from pre-school through high school ages. This guide has something for every parent of every student and at every school age. From the “About This Book” page…

“Whether you are the parent of a 3-year-old who is curious about why a friend’s skin is brown, the parent of a 9-year-old who has been called a slur because of his religion, or the parent of a 15-year-old who snubs those outside of her social clique at school, this book is designed to help you teach your children to honor the differences in themselves and in others — and to reject prejudice and intolerance. Three age-specific sections feature everyday parents sharing personal stories about the challenges and rewards of raising children in today’s diverse world. Psychologists, educators and parenting experts offer practical, age-appropriate advice to help you integrate lessons of respect and tolerance in day-to-day activities. And a final section offers guidance for reflecting upon your own biases, and how those biases affect your parenting.”

I hope you’ll take a look at this wonderful resource from Teaching Tolerance! 


  • THREE WAYS TO PICK-UP! Parents have two options for picking kids up after school...
    1.  “Kiss-N-Go” loop for car pick-ups. If you choose this option, please understand that you will not be allowed to park in the loop and leave your car as this holds up the entire lane.
    2. “Park & Walk” for those who want to park and then walk to pick-up student(s). If you choose this option, you will need to park at the South Mercer Playfields (aka Rainbow Park) across the street from the school and then walk across the street to escort your student to your car. Students are not allowed to cross over into the park area and then walk unescorted into the parking lot area. There is simply too much traffic in the parking lot at this time of the day!
    3. “Walk Home” for those students who walk alone and for those students who have adults meet them at the school to walk home. NOTE: If you are walking with a pet - which not allowed on school grounds during school day – you can wait on the park side of the crosswalk to the park. When you see your child, simply let the crossing guard know that they are with you and the crossing guard will escort students across the crosswalk to you. All other unescorted students will not be allowed to cross without an adult.
  • AFTERNOON CROSSWALK TO THE PARK:  As described above in “Park & Walk” and “Walk Home”, unescorted students will not be allowed to cross at the crosswalk toward the park. Students walking to, for example, the middle school or playfields need to use the crosswalk at the four-way intersection.

GREEN MATTERS! Green Team Update

  • KING COUNTY GREEN ASSEMBLY! King County’s Green Team brought our students their “Camp Greenie 4R Skit” this past month. With a lot of fun and audience participation, they inspired our kids to Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle & Compost. This team comes to Lakeridge every other year and helps us not only to keep Lakeridge green now, but we’re also training these little future adults to keep their future homes, neighborhoods and planet green for generations to come. Go Green for a lifetime!

Upcoming Dates:

11/9 Friday – PTA Lions Pride Breakfast

11/9 Friday – Veterans Day Assembly @ 10:30am

11/12 Monday – NO SCHOOL to honor Veterans Day

11/15 Thursday – Island Books Fundraiser - Lakeridge @ Island Books, all store business hours

11/16 Friday – School is dismissed at 12:00pm, NO SCHOOL LUNCH 

11/16 Friday – Report Cards (Progress Reports) available online in Skyward, 5:00pm

11/19-21 Mon-Wed – Fall Conferences, NO SCHOOL for students

11/22-11/23 Thur-Fri – Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL

11/26 Monday – November PAC Meeting

11/27 Tuesday – School Board Visit to Lakeridge

11/28 Wednesday – November Lions Den Lunch

12/10-13 Mon-Thurs – Lakeridge & Northwood 5th Graders at IslandWood Camp

12/14 Friday – PTA Family Movie Night @ 5:45pm

12/19 Wednesday – Winter Music Concert @ 6:30pm

12/24-1/4 Mon-Fri – Winter Break, NO SCHOOL

1/7 Monday – School Resumes 

Go Lakeridge Lions!

 Warm Regards,


Heidi Jenkins, Principal

Lakeridge Elementary


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