Board letter asks MI City Council to consider levy to fund MIYFS counseling services

The Mercer Island School Board has approved a letter to be sent to the Mercer Island City Council, asking it to consider a six-year stand-alone levy to fund the Mercer Island Youth and Family Services (MIYFS) counseling services.

Such a levy, the Board wrote, would allow Mercer Island residents the opportunity to support a semi-permanent and sustainable funding model for these critical services, not only for the students in our schools, but for the community at large.

In the letter, the Board expressed its appreciation for the City’s current financial support of the mental health counselors in each school, providing counseling services for children, adolescents and their families to promote health, emotional and interpersonal development and substance abuse prevention services.

“We are truly fortunate to have a City Council and a community that value the mental health of each and every one of our Island youth,” the Board wrote.

The letter notes that community mental health counseling co-located at public schools is a best practice model to prevent youth suicide and community and school-based gun violence.

Signed letter to Mercer Island City Council