one of the last two docs to complete (with friends)

Posted by Dino Annest on 8/22/2017

Sophie’s World Quiz: The Renaissance                                                            name: _______________________________


1. Sophie dreams about whom? ___________________________

2. When she awakens, she finds what? ________________________________________

3. When did the Renaissance start? _________________

4. The word “renaissance” means:


a. “Age of artists”

b. “Rebirth”

c. “Regenerate”

d. “knowledge of everything”

5. Three inventions were preconditions for the Renaissance. Name 2 of them:

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

6. During the Renaissance, the economic system changed from a _______________ economy to

a ______________________ economy.

7. What is geocentric? __________________________________________________

What is heliocentric? _________________________________________________

8. A characteristic feature of Luther’s reforms was his emphasis on:

a. The study of Greek & Latin by all Protestants in order to better understand the Bible.

b. Maintaining a strong connection with the RomanCatholic Church.

c. The establishment of the understanding that giles & annest are truly renaissance men.

d. Mankind may earn God’s grace by obtaining “indulgences” from the Church

e. The individual and the individual’s personal relationship to God.


9. Match the scientist with the theory:

a. Kepler                    ___ The heliocentric world picture

b. Galileo                   ___ Law of Universal Gravitation

c. Newton                  ___ elliptical (or oval) orbits of planets

d. Copernicus             ___ Law of Inertia (bodies, rest, & motion)