Marx Hegel Kierkegaard

Posted by Dino Annest on 7/26/2017

Sophie Quiz Marx name______________________________________


1.  What two characters does Sophie run into in the forest?


2.  Alberto said that the great philosophical systems ended with Hegel.  Marx’s theories were not “theoretical” philosophy, but a philosophy of ______________________.

3.  For Hegel, spiritual changes are what changes the world. What was it for Marx?


4.  What forms the bases of society?


__________________________   _____________________________ ___________________________________


5.  Give three examples of the superstructure of society:


1. ___________________________        2. ____________________________       3. __________________________


6.  Marx said, “the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of  _____________  ___________________.”


7.  What is the first crucial phrase of the Communist Manifesto?  (think about the old world…)





8.  What is the final phrase of the Communist Manifesto?  


____________________ _____  ______  ____________   _______________!

9.  Define the following terms according to Marx:


exchange value:







10.  How does Capitalism eventually destroy itself?



11.  According to Marx, what follows the end of capitalism?____________________  _________________________, which eventually leads to a ___________________ society.


12.  Name two issues Marx was mistaken on

1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________


13.What example did the moral philosopher John Rawls use to illustrate a society with “justice existing among equals.”





Hegelian Philosophy Name:


1.  At the core of Hegel’s philosophy is the _________  __________ (English term here, not German), which represents "the sum of human __________________", thought and culture.


2.  Hegel claimed that reason was both __________________ and ___________________.


3.  Earlier philosophers believed that human knowledge was ______________.  Hegel, on the

other hand, believed that  philosophy  _____________.

4.  One analogy that Hegel provides is that history is a ____________.  Explain why this comparison is appropriate: ______________________________________________________


5.  For Hegel, you cannot say that Plato was wrong or right or that the thinkers of the Renaissance were wrong or right because human reason is ________________.


6.  For Hegel, the ultimate or absolute ideas is for the process (or spirit) to reach the state of _________ _______________ or ____________.  


7.  Hegel developed a model for how ideas progress and change.  He calls this the ____________ process.  The three stages of this process are:  ______________  _____________ and _______________.


8.  What decides whether a theory or idea is right or wrong? _______________


9.  What is one theory of Hegel’s that proved to be dead wrong? _______________________



10.  The theory of _____________ logic states that there are profound truths whose opposites are equally right.


11.  T/F  According to Hegel,  the rights of the individal are subordinate to the needs of the state.





Sophie’s World Kierkegaard Name________ ______________


1.  What specific theory/concept was Kierkegaard infuriated by?


2. Who came to the door when Alberto and Sophie were talking?


3. What did the person (above) have for Sophie?


4. How do these gifts affect Sophie?  Explain in brief.


5. Why was Kierkegaard an outcast and an object of scorn in Danish society?


6. What is the primary focus of an existential thinker?


7. What is the difference between THE TRUTH and Kierkegaard’s truth?

THE TRUTH (from Hegel – hint: where the river is heading):

Kierkegaard’s truth:

8. Kierkegaard believed that truth was ________________-_________________


9. What is the only way the individual can react to the big question of God’s (or Gods‘) existence and the personal question of God’s (or Gods‘) existence?


10. How can you know if someone loves you?  Is there a way to prove this fact like 2 +2 = 4?


11. Can God be proven with in the bounds of rationality? Yes No


Why or why not?


12. What does “credo quia absurdum” mean?

In ONE sentence, tell what it means to Kierkegaard’s “spiritual evolution”: involves abandoning rational systems of thought because faith inherently requires some irrationality.

12A. Which of the following did Kierkegaard do?

A. Divorced his wife in public because she was a Sunday Christian

B. Profited from stories under a pseudonym that taught citizens of Denmark how to reach the third stage

C. Published stories in which the protagonist moves from the first to the second stage.

D. Worked as a Catholic lay minister, but only on weekends.

E. Wrote stories that told of the Sisyphean challenges of Christendom, and how to avoid them


13. Name and describe Kierkegaard’s three stages of life?


a. aesthetic-

b. ethical-

c. religious-