Posted by Dino Annest on 7/20/2017

Sophie Bears Down on Berkeley!

Empiricists Leave Lasting Impression!

(Trinity College, Ireland) - George Berkeley, whose professional position was ___________________, stated that the only things that exist are those we ______________________.  Still, we do not perceive _______________________ or _______________________.  Author Jostein Gaarder used a table to explain this point by having Sophie ________________________________________________________



Berkeley believed that all our ideas have a cause beyond our ______________________________, but this cause is not of a ___________________ nature, it is _____________________________.

The man after whom the fabulous city of Berkeley, California, is named went on to state that everything that we see and feel is an effect of ____________  __________________, adding that we only exist in ______  _________  ____  _______.


Alberto posits that “-for you and me- this ‘will or spirit’ that is the ‘cause of everything in everything’ could be _______________  ____________________.


What is Bjerkeley? _______________________________________.

What can you only do with this ‘magic’ mirror, according to Hilde’s father? _____________________