Descartes quiz due Tuesday, 7-18

Posted by Dino Annest on 7/16/2017

Sophie thinks about Descartes                                                                             name_______________________________


Descartes’ primary employment was as a ____________________________________; in fact, he invented ________________________________ ______________________, which we all use on graphs today.

Philosophically, he believed that certain knowledge is only attained through reason; he was therefore a _____________________, as opposed to an _______________________.

According to Descartes, the mind works with the body as 2 separate but ______________ entities (like two clocks each keeping perfect time). These

entities make up all reality.  HIS terms for these two elements are ________________ & ______________________.

He is often called the father of ____________________ ___________________________________________.

Descartes began his philosophical quest by first doing what?  ______________________      _______________________________.

He concluded that he is at least ______________________, which leads him to state that

_______________________________________________________. This phrase in Latin: __________________________________________.

How does Descartes argue for the existence of God? _________________________________________________________________________


In what period/age did Descartes live? ______________________________

How was Descartes like Plato? (think category)_________________________________

Descartes proves that extended reality exists by stating that God is