Notes for the midterm

Posted by Dino Annest on 7/7/2017

for the midtern, know:

the four elements proposed by Empedocles

teleological vs deontological

rationalist vs empiricist

fate and predeterminism - the oracle at delphi and the story of oedipus.

hippocrates - the oath and his prescription for a healthy life.

socrates - he is wisest . . ., the unexamined life is not worth living, know socratic dialogue/socratic method, where did he teach?  what happened to him?

what event changed Plato's life?

Plato - duality (what are the two worlds?), what is innate knowledge?  what is the cookie cutter? the myth/allegory of the cave, the chart of head, thorax, abdomen

Aristotle - classifications/biology, there is nothing in the mind . . ., women and men (as opposed to Plato's view of same), the three forms of happiness, the golden mean, what does it mean to live a good life?

Alexander - hellenism vs hellenic, syncretism & the introduction of cultural trade, 

the cynics, diogenes, the stoics, the epicureans, the hedonists, the mystics, the velvet underground.

augustine and aquinas - who was trying to reconcile a greek philosopher with the teachings of the church? which ones?