Three Mercer Island Students win prizes at state PTA Reflections competition

April 5, 2017 - Three Mercer Island students have received awards in the Washington State PTA Reflections arts program.

Lauren Pirak of MIHS received an Award of Excellence in Dance Choreography for her original dance, Overcoming Adversity.

Sarah Wang of MIHS received an Award of Excellence in Music Composition for her original composition Peony.

West Mercer student Sidh Shroff received an Award of Merit in Music Composition for his original composition The World Around Me

A panel of experts selected Lauren, Sarah and Sidh’s submissions from among the thousands of entries from schools across the state. Reflections offers students the opportunity to create original works of art in six areas: visual art, photography, literature, music composition, dance/choreography, and film/video. The theme for the 2016-2017 school year was “What’s your Story?”

The Mercer Island PTA Council previously awarded Lauren, Sarah and Sidh first place in the local competition.

“It is a great honor to know that three students from our district have been awarded prizes at the state level, and we are extremely proud to have such a talented group of students participating in the Reflections Art Competition,” said Jocelyn Barber, Reflections program chair for the Mercer Island PTA Council.

Congratulations to all the students who entered, and especially to the following who won their respective divisions and whose entries were forwarded to the Reflections State competition:


Katherine Gelsey             Photography                  “The Future is Within You”

Sarah Wang                   Visual Arts                      “Unity”

Ainsley O’Briant              Literature                       “A voice in time”

Tyler Heydon                  Film                               "Memories Through my Lens”

Lauren Pirak                   Dance Choreography       “Climbing Through Adversity”

Sarah Wang                   Music Composition          “Peony”



Walker Guerra                Film                               “My Story”

Andrew Yeh                    Music Comp                   “Travelling in Tanzania”

Rachel Senn                   Literature                       “My story, my life”

Hunter Yetman               Photography                   “Glowing Rain”

Ronan Holloway-Lamb     Visual Arts                     “The First Night in Seattle”



Mari Jora Lavin               Dance Choreography        “Story of my Life”

Jan Kolczyk                    Film                                “My Story”  

Madison Sieckhaus          Literature                        “My Life”

Sidh Shroff                     Music Comp                    “The World Around Me”

Sydney Parcel                 Photography                   “Focused on Nature”

Chloe Simpson                Visual Arts                      “My City”



Karenna Stone                Dance Choreography       “Just Dancin”

Karenna Stone                Film Production               “A Greek Princess”

Ewan Lill                        Literature                        “The Story of Accessing my Port”

Karenna Stone                Photography                   “Acorn Squirrels”

Jane Besecker                Visual Arts                      “A Girl on a Rainy Day”    

Keith Chung                   Music Composition          “Sorry Witch Watch Out”