Community input sought for update to MISD demographic study

February 16, 2017 - The Mercer Island School District has begun the process of updating its 2012 Demographic Study as a best practice for long term planning for operations, transportation, and facility needs as population data for the next five years and beyond is studied and analyzed.

“The outcome of this study is one key piece of information that helps inform future district plans,” said School Board President David D’Souza. “The board believes it is important that community input regarding Island growth be considered as we develop our model.”

At the Feb. 9 School Board meeting, consultant Dr. Les Kendrick of Educational Data Solutions presented the processes and variables that he takes into account for preparation of a new forecast. Dr. Kendrick authored the previous demographic studies in 2008 and 2012 that accurately predicted the District’s growth which resulted in a bond for expanded facilities and the development of new school boundaries.

February 9, 2017 Presentation by Dr. Les Kendrick (PDF)

Watch the February 9, 2017 Board meeting (Dr. Kendrick's presentation begins at the 2:02:00 mark in the meeting)

Dr. Kendrick told the Board that typically demographic studies include:

  • Enrollment trends
  • Birth data and birth forecasts for King County and Mercer Island
  • Population data and growth rates
  • Housing data (single family and multi-family home sales)
  • Private school enrollment and trends

At the meeting, individual members of the board requested that Dr. Kendrick consider additional variables such as:

  • Mercer Island preschool enrollment and trends
  • Mercer Island population age distribution and trends
  • Analysis of student per multi-family ratio in the Town Center
  • Impact of the coming light rail station and I-90 mobility changes

Community members are encouraged to submit any information they believe would be valuable as the District undertakes a new demographic study by March 15 to