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Joint message from MISD and MIEA: committed to a full return to in-person school

Dear MISD Community, 

As we look forward to a full return to in-person school, we want to recognize and thank our families for your support over the past 16 months. Together, we helped our children and each other navigate the many changes and challenges brought by the pandemic. 

Between our in-school mitigation measures, our community’s commitment to following health and safety guidance, the herculean efforts of our staff and administrators, and our families’ commitment to education we achieved a lot. Our kids and the successes they have found in a year of adversity are a testament to what we can do when we come together to support one another and serve our students. 

The District and Mercer Island Education Association (MIEA) are committed to beginning the 2021-22 school year with a full, five day-a-week in-person schedule. We will continue to work side-by-side to prepare for the challenges and new opportunities that come with a return to full in-person schooling this fall. We want all students, parents, and guardians to know that we will continue to follow the guidance of the Governor’s Office, OSPI and health authorities as we work to keep students and staff safe and healthy as we return to full in-person school this fall. 

What can families expect this fall?

  • Five full in-person school days per week, much like pre-pandemic. 

    • Absent governmental authorities closing schools or limiting in-person school operations, full distance/remote education and/or “hybrid” instruction will not be offered or implemented.  

  • Adherence to health and safety guidance provided by Public Health - Seattle and King County, the Governor’s office, OSPI and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). 

    • Currently, this includes mask wearing and physical distancing. DOH and OSPI have been clear that social distancing requirements cannot and will not prevent any or all student(s) from attending all day in person.

  • Health attestations will not be required; instead:

    • Families will be expected to monitor their students prior to sending them to school; students with symptoms of illness should stay home.

    • Staff will contact guardians of students who become ill at school so they may be picked up.

  • A District-wide focus on social-emotional support for students. 

  • A continued emphasis on essential learning necessary to prepare students for their future- near and far.

Throughout the summer, the District and MIEA will continue to review the often changing health guidance and work together to ensure a smooth opening in the fall. We will be sure to communicate any significant changes to staff, students, and families before the start of school.

Thank you again for your ongoing support as we work together to ensure that we fully reopen in a safe way that meets the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. 

We look forward to seeing you in-person this fall!

In partnership,

Erin Battersby,                        Sally Loeser, President
MISD Executive Director        Mercer Island Education Association