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School Board adopts new core values, vision and mission to guide District into the future

At its August 22 meeting, the Mercer Island School Board adopted a new core values, vision and mission statements that set the direction for the education provided to the Island’s 4,450 students.

The Board's action completed a year-long process to define the District’s Core Values, Vision and Mission. The new statements center the District's work on students as the priority and supporting the whole child. Thank you to the hundreds of students, staff, families and community members that participated in focus groups to refine this new document.

The newly adopted Board Policy 0001 is as follows:

Core Values

Students are the priority. We believe in:

  • Supporting the whole child.
  • Creating inclusive and equitable learning settings.
  • Ensuring our school communities are safe and supportive.
  • Providing rigorous and challenging learning.


Inspiring our students to be lifelong learners as they create their futures.


The District will foster learning by engaging students in thinking critically, solving problems creatively, and working collaboratively.

All of this work was previously under Board Policy 2020, now retired. The Student Focused Fundamentals remain as an operational expectation, continuing the work of the Board of Directors in annually monitoring and measuring these goals.