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Primary Enrichment and Highly Capable Programs Testing Notification

Primary Enrichment Program Grades K through 2 (PEP)

PEP is an inclusive program that offers enrichment and challenge within each identified PEP student’s classroom provided by the student’s classroom teacher. PEP is separate from the Highly Capable Program and PEP qualification does not guarantee qualification for the 3-12 Highly Capable Program.

Highly Capable Grades 3 through 8 (HiCap)

The HiCap program for grades 3-5 is self-contained at West Mercer Elementary (for students in Northwood and West Mercer) and Lakeridge Elementary (for students in Island Park and Lakeridge). HiCap students remain with their class throughout the day and move to their enrichment activities (PE, art, music, and library) with their class. The Islander Middle School HiCap program (grades 6-8) focuses on science, English and social studies.

Highly Capable Grades 9 through 12

In lieu of self contained HiCap classes, we provide services to our highly capable students in high school through honors and AP courses, which are available to all students. This provides appropriate support and a continuum of services for all highly capable students from identification to graduation.

Testing Information:

Kindergarten - All kindergarteners will be tested between 12/2/19 and 12/20/19.

Grade 2 - All second graders will be tested between 12/2/19 and 12/20/19.

Nominated Students: Grade 1 and  Grades 3 through 11*:

The opportunity to nominate current district students who have not tested in the last twelve months (since the January 2019 testing) will be open beginning at 4 p.m. November 25, 2019 and will close at 3 p.m. December 20, 2019. Testing will occur on January 15, 2020 for grade 1 and on January 22 and 29, 2020 for grades 3 to 11.


*Students may not re-test within a 12 month period and may only test for two consecutive years before a break.

For more information and nomination forms, please visit: