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Education access for those students in COVID-19 quarantine

Dear MISD Families, 

We are excited to start our second week of school. Though our students have been doing a wonderful job complying with the District’s health and safety protocols, COVID-19 is in our community and students and staff alike may need to quarantine this year. Many of you have asked how quarantined students will be able to continue their learning given that the hybrid/remote model of last year no longer exists. 

Like you, the District and the Mercer Island Education Association (MIEA) want students who are quarantined due to COVID-19 infection or close contact exposure to be able to access learning. Anticipating that students will be subject to COVID-19-related quarantine, the District and MIEA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining how students who are directed by a school nurse or administrator to quarantine due to COVID-19 will be served. 

This year, quarantined students who are well enough to engage in their education will be offered some instructional support within the first 24 hours after the educator is informed that the student is quarantined. Within three (3) school days, such students will also be provided access to live streaming of classroom instruction and/or video recordings that include the educator. Quarantined students who access live-streamed classroom instruction and/or viewing educator recordings and who submit assignments as instructed will not be marked as absent. 

We want to acknowledge that accessing the classroom via live streaming or video recordings is not the only way for a quarantined student to participate. Parents, teachers, and students may collaborate to discuss other options based on each quarantined student’s needs.

What Should Families Do?

If your student is unwell and experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms, please keep them home from school and contact the school nurse for further guidance. Students will not be able to access educator recordings or live-streamed classroom instruction unless directed to quarantine by a school nurse or administrator. 

If your student tests positive for COVID-19 or is a known close contact of someone who is COVID-19 positive, please keep your student home and contact the school nurse for further guidance. 

If a school nurse or administrator advises that your student is quarantined due to COVID-19, a school administrator will contact your student’s educator(s) advising them of your student’s quarantine status. Within 24 hours, your student’s educator will begin the process of providing your student access to educational content. Within three (3) school days, your student will have heightened access to educational content either via recordings or live streaming. Whether live streaming or recordings are used will be determined by the educator.

Finally, we ask our families to take steps to mitigate against exposure to COVID-19 in your lives outside of school. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our schools safe and operating, and for a great start to the school year.

Stay healthy,
Fred Rundle
Deputy Superintendent