The Resource and Referral (R&R) Place

    The Resource and Referral Place, located in the main hall at Mercer Island High School, is a satellite program of Mercer Island Youth and Family Services.

    The "R&R", as it's known by students, offers a safe and confidential place for students to seek support and guidance.

    The R&R was established in 1979 through a partnership between the City of Mercer Island and the Mercer Island School District to provide students convenient access to counseling services. Two counselors, Cathy Gentino and Chris Harnish are based at the R and R.

    Cathy Gentino is a licensed mental health counselor.  She offers support, crisis intervention, short-term counseling, and referral to resources outside school.  Cathy works with students around issues such as self esteem, stress management, depression and anxiety, fitting in, friendship/dating/family relationships, sexuality and sexual orientation.
    Cathy also serves as co-advisor to the Natural Helpers program and advisor to the Gay Straight Alliance.
    Parents are welcome to contact Cathy for consultation and resource information.

    Cathy can be reached during school hours at 236-3290.


    Cathy Gentino, M.C.,LMHC