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                         Susie Brown
                          Counselor for Students A-D
                          Advisor--International Club
                          Office Hours:  M-F  7:45-3:15



    If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, these are the best ways to do so:

    PARENTS:  When at all possible, it is best to schedule a parent conference in advance to ensure that I am available for you and will be able give you the time and attention you need.  The best way to schedule an appointment is to email me at Susie.Brown@mercerislandschools.org.  Please give me two or three times that work best for you and I will get back to you with the appointment time.  If you do not have an appointment, but would like to come see me. please call ahead in case I have other commitments/appointments already scheduled. I would hate for you to take time to come to the high school if I am already in a meeting.


    STUDENTS:  If my door is closed, I am with someone else.   PLEASE leave me a note with your Name, Contact Information, Best times to reach you, and How I can help you!   You may also email me at Susie.brown@mercerislandschools.org  There are many times I am available for you to just drop in and I am normally available during lunches.   I really want to meet with you, so make sure to leave a note or email me!
     Looking forward to seeing you!  fazenda