Mercer Island School District Green Teams

  • The MISD prioritizes sustainability education and has been involved in the King County Green School Program for ten years. Every year, we reaffirm our commitment to this important work.  Through the practice of resource conservation and engagement of our students and staff, we aim to:

    • initiate and expand waste reduction and recycling practices and other conservation actions.
    • involve the whole school community in environmental stewardship.
    • operate environmentally efficient and responsible facilities.

    At left, you will find the most requested documents, that are needed to support this continued effort for principals, teachers and staff, custodians, students and families. 

    District Green Team

    The District Green Team is a group made up of every school's green team teachers and PTA Green Parent Reps, a principal rep, the superintendent, Food Service and Maintenance directors and students who meet three times each year to discuss best practices, successes, challenges, and mentoring opportunities between schools.  

    At the Island Park Green Team meeting on December 13, 2022, three fourth graders, Sophie, Sophia and Bella created a PowerPoint presentation for the Green Team that showed such passion, creativity and the ability to communicate effectively about an issue our students and families care deeply about. What is most impressive was the fact that these three students came up with this idea on their own and met outside of school hours in person and on Facetime with each other to create the presentation.

    Island Park Green Team PresentatnionIsland Park Green Team Presentation Intro

    Green Square Team

    The Green Square Team concept was created by the district green team to help create a support system so that the annual kick-off of every school's lunchroom would run smoothly.  The four corners of the square represent stakeholders:  1) Principal 2) Custodian 3) Green team teacher 4) PTA Green Team Parent Rep. This meeting ensures that the launch of the lunchroom every fall has the support needed from all four corners for optimum success.

    Parent Involvement  

    If you are a parent, interested in volunteering at your child's school on the green team, please contact your principal and find out who your school's green team teacher is and offer your support to them.  Another option is to contact your PTA President and find out who, at your school, is the PTA Green Team Parent Rep and offer to support and work with them.  There is a new parent green team under the PTA, as a sub-committee, called ACES, which stands for ACTION COMMITTEE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY.  Here’s the link for ACES: