Stephanie and Isabelle


    Name:       Patricia Weston (aka, Ms. Weston


    Semester 1 - Physics 1 Honors and Physics 2 Honors

    Semester 2 - Physics 1 Honors, Physics 2 Honors, and Chemistry 2 Honors

    Rooms:       110 (Physics), 108 (Chemistry)   

    Free periods:     3rd and 5th

    Lunch: We have 1st lunch in the Science Department (when we return to the building)

    Office:      106B - enter through room 106. While we are online, please email me to contact me.

    Email:       patty.weston@mercerislandschools.org

    Phone: 206-230-6354 (please do not leave messages at this number while we are online)

    Best Form of contact:   E-mail 
    Skyward is my gradebook, not Schoology.