dont keep calm
    Name: Daniela Melgar
    Department: Fine Arts and English
    Room:  Backstage office-- go all the way down the main hallway to the Fine Arts section and turn right into the STAGE. Go into the dressing room area and there I am!
    Email: daniela.melgar@mercerislandschools.org
    Phone: (206) 230-6374 
    Best Form of contact: EMAIL!!!! 
    Period 1: Prep period
    Period 2: Prep period
    Period 3: English 9 Honors (ROOM 409)
    Period 4: Theatre tech (STAGE)
    Period 5: Drama 1 (STAGE)
    Period 6: Drama Improv (STAGE)
    Period 7: Drama 2 (STAGE)
    You can access class info when you log into Schoology:misd.schoology.com