Mission Statement and Values

  • Mission Statement

    We are developing a compassionate, innovative, collaborative community of learners prepared to access and contribute to the ever-changing global and digital world. 


    Our school goals focus on increasing personalized learning and student-centered education. For specific information, please view our School Improvement Plan below.


    • Academic excellence
    • Personalized learning
    • Developing a positive sense of self
    • Building genuine relationships
    • Belonging to a healthy, safe, supportive community
    • Celebrating our diversity
    • Using technology to access and convert information into knowledge
    • Creating innovative solutions
    • A passion for life-long learning


    Program components that guide decisions.......

    • Every student will be taught at a level and in a manner appropriate with his or her potential and ability.
    • Teachers will utilize a variety of instructional strategies and grouping practices to address the needs of all learners.
    • Student placement involves staff and parent input. Placement is ultimately the responsibility of the Principal. Placement goals take into consideration:
        • Academic, emotional and social needs of each child
        • Relative balance within classes gender, mixed grades, ethnicity, abilities, etc.
        • Appropriate peer groupings that promote a positive atmosphere for learning
        • Unique educational needs (ESL, Special Needs, etc.)

    Recognizing that it takes an entire community to educate a child, we welcome and encourage support, participation, and contributions from staff, parents, and other community members.