A Message of Thanks from Mr. Hoffman

  • David Hoffman As we approach this holiday season, there is so much to be thankful for. This may seem like a strained sentiment coming on the heels of an emotionally challenging autumn for our learning community. Collectively we have felt the loss of close friends, family members and the usual reassuring feelings of stability and predictability that guide our work.

    And yet we continue to move forward successfully teaching our children to care for each other, tend to those who are hurting, find happiness in daily accomplishments, and celebrate being a student through the comforting rituals of school life.

    We can be thankful for a staff who every day steps up to the plate to tend to our students’ academic and social needs. Despite unanticipated changes, they have done everything possible to create a stable learning environment responsive to children, recognizing the importance of routines and normalcy. They come to work every day with endless energy and nurturing spirits. Thanks must also be extended to our amazing office staff who keeps the train on the tracks and ensures a smooth ride for all passengers. Finally, kudos to Lisa Deen who has masterfully stepped in for me.

    I am thankful for you, our parent community, who never stops making students their priority. Through PTA membership, volunteer work, committee participation, and endless hours of all forms of involvement, you help all children succeed. Thank you for also being there to support
    those who have experienced change, sadness and loss this fall. Your help and care are noticed and felt.

    Personally, my gratitude and thanks to everyone are beyond measure. The outpouring of support and love from the Island Park community has sustained and healed me throughout my illness and recovery. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words, advice, gifts, humor and
    heartfelt concern. Most importantly, thank you for raising such amazing children who have sent me beautiful cards, SeeSaw photos, videos and artwork that have rocketed my spirits, made me laugh, provoked pride in their accomplishments, kept me connected with school life
    and completely focused on the day I will return to inspire and be inspired by them. I remain honored to be their principal.

    I finish my treatments at the end of December, at which time I will consult with my medical team about returning to school. Please know that I am slowly but surely regaining my health and remain incredibly optimistic about working with everyone again soon.

    Yes, so much to be thankful for: beautiful fall leaves, good books, music that that heals the heart, matza ball soup, cats that demand top billing, simple pleasures, and caring neighbors, colleagues, friends and family.

    Here’s wishing you and your family a serene and healthy Thanksgiving. May you too feel the healing power of this holiday season and take solace in those illuminations that cause you warmth and gratitude.