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    As you have heard, we are busy planning in person learning for our kindergarteners (planned for a 10/19 start) as well as our 1st graders (likely to start 2-3 weeks following kindergarten). In person learning opportunities for students in grades 2-5 will likely occur at the end of November or early December. Families will be kept informed with as much advance notice as possible.

    More details on this in person opening will go directly to our kindergarten families, since they will be the first in the building.

    Important considerations to provide for a safe in person environment for all staff and students include:

    • Daily health attestations for each student and staff who attends in person (if the attestation is not completed, the student or staff member is not allowed in the building)
    • Physical distancing (individual student desks are placed 6 feet apart and all face the same direction). Students will also need to maintain 6-foot distance during the majority of the day (while eating, drinking, playing at recess, and waiting for bus or car pick up, for example).
    • Masks. All students and staff will need to wear a mask for the entire time at school (with the only exception being to eat or drink). Now is a great time to get your child(ren) used to wearing a mask regularly and getting used to seeing others in a mask.
    • Individual student supplies and materials. Individual boxes of school supplies will be provided for each student (no sharing of materials).

    Important Dates

    Friday, October 9:

    ½ Day for Students (teacher Professional Development Day)
    Teachers will only be available for the first 2 synchronous lessons of the day (final synchronous lesson from 12:45-1:45 will not happen, and no conferring will be available)

    Monday, October 19:

    Kindergarten Returns to School

    Wednesday, November 10:

    Veterans Assembly (via Zoom)

    Thursday, November 11:


    Veterans Day

    Monday, November 23rd-Wednesday (at noon) 25th

    NO SCHOOL for Students

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Thursday, November 26th & Friday, November 27th


    Thanksgiving Break

    Warmest Regards,

    Carol Best                                                          Jill Kelly
    Principal                                                             Associate Principal
    West Mercer Elementary                                 West Mercer Elementary & Northwood Elementary