Mindfulness and Character Trait of the Month

  • "Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally."  - Jon Kabat Zinn  (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)


    Mindfulness learning and practice continues at Northwood.
    This month's mindful challenges are listed below. 
    September 9:  Remembering our Prior Mindfulness Learning

    Some of you are new to the practice of Mindfulness.  Some of you practiced Mindfulness all last year and years before.  Either way, we will learn and practice Mindfulness together this year. We will start our School-wide Mindful Moments next week. In the meantime, think about ways you can use your Mindfulness tools each day at school:  You can do mindful listening or mindful breathing, you can practice heartfulness by sending kind thoughts, and you can practice being mindful of your body.  Let’s all use the tools we know to get a great start to our year at Northwood.

    September 16:  Mindful Listening
    This week, practice getting ready in your mindful body and do some mindful listening on the playground, in the classroom, or at home.

    September 23:  Mindful Breathing
    This week, practice mindful breathing.  You can practice at your desk, walking in the hallway, on the playground, or at home.  Since you are always breathing, just bringing your attention to your breathing can help you feel present and aware of how you feel.

    September 30:  Heartfulness – Sending King Thoughts
    This week, practice mindfulness by sending kind thoughts.  You can do this anytime at home or at school.  Many people notice that sending kind thoughts not only makes you think kindly of others, but it makes you feel good inside, too.

    Monthly Focus Character Trait:
    Our focus character trait for September is KINDNESS

    Kindness is the quality of being friendly and considerate.  When we are kind, we let others know that we care about them as a fellow human being and wish them well.  Everyone deserves kindness -- your family, your best friend, your teacher, even (and maybe especially) some kids you may not get along with very well. 

    This month, think about ways that you can choose to be kind each day.  It is kind to invite someone new to play or sit with you. It is kind to smile at others.  It is kind to stand up for or help someone in need. Let’s make Northwood a school filled with kindness!