Mindfulness and Character Trait of the Month

  • "Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally."  - Jon Kabat Zinn  (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)


    Mindfulness learning and practice continues at Northwood.
    This month's mindful challenges are listed below. 

    December 2: Slow Motion Challenge

    When you raise your hand in class, normal speed, see how many body feelings you can feel in your arm.

    December 9: Emotions Challenge

    The next time you are angry, stop and take 3 mindful breaths. Notice what happens next.

    December 16: Mindful Walking

    This week we are going to practice mindful walking. When we know how to move mindfully, we don't hurt people with our bodies and we don't hurt ourselves, like by running into something or tripping. When we are mindful, it is much easier to notice things.  This week, when you walk, keep your attention on your feet. Feel each foot touch the ground. Keep your attention on the bottoms of your feet and slowly take 3 mindful steps forward. Notice how your foot feels when you lift it up. Can you feel the bottom of your feet on the ground  and in the air? 

    Monthly Focus Character Trait:
    Our focus character trait for DECEMBER is a REVIEW of KINDNESS, COOPERATION & PERSEVERANCE

    We will spend our few weeks of December reviewing the character traits we have learned about already this year.  We will revisit the concepts of Kindness, Cooperation, and Perseverance as we focus on practicing these traits throughout our school day.  Please consider ways you might continue the conversation at home about these traits by:

    • noticing and acknowledging when friends or family members demonstrate one of these traits
    • discussing how we might demonstrate one of these traits when situations arise (e.g., if struggling with homework, encourage perseverance; if engaging in a big activity/project/task, encourage cooperation to share the load; if siblings or friends are in conflict during play, encourage kindness as a first step to resolving conflict)
    • noticing or acknowledging these traits when demonstrated in books, films or TV shows, or in news stories OR noting when those traits might have been applied (but weren't) to lead to a better outcome

    At school, we talk with kids about the idea that, like any skill, we need to practice demonstrating these social/emotional character traits to become good at them. Thank you for supporting this practice at home.