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Student-Focused Fundamentals Monitoring

The Mercer Island School District's Board of Directors systemically measures the District's attainment of Board Policy 1800 OE-01: Student-Focused Fundamentals. Pursuant to an annual planning calendar established by the Board, the superintendent must show reasonable progress toward organizational accomplishment of the Student Focused Fundamentals.

The Board monitors these Fundamentals both quantitatively and qualitatively. Monitoring the Fundamentals allows the Board and the community to contextualize how our educational programs are “benchmarking” its progress toward these Student-Focused Fundamentals and the District’s Values, Vision and Mission contained in Board Policy 0001.

This page contains historical monitoring documents for the five Student-Focused Fundamentals. To do a more comprehensive search of all Mercer Island School Board meeting documents and Mercer Island School District policies, visit the School Board Meeting Agendas & Calendar page or the Administrative & Board Policies page, which are also both linked to in the left hand navigation bar.

Values: Students are the priority. We believe in:

  • Supporting the whole child
  • Creating inclusive and equitable learning settings
  • Ensuring our school communities are safe and supportive
  • Providing rigorous and challenging learning

Vision: Inspiring our students to be lifelong learners as they create their futures.

Mission: The District will foster learning by engaging students in thinking critically, solving problems creatively, and working collaboratively.

MISD Fundamentals

Pre-2021 Fundamentals