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Public Records Logs

 MISD Public Records Log 
 12/01/2022 through 11/30/2023 
Attached to Board Policy 1800 OE-9 Monitoring Report (12/06/2023)
Request Date Requestor Records Requested Withdrawn or Abandoned Estimated # Pages Staff Cost Add'l Cost Estimate  Total Cost
11/03/21 MuckRock News All public records requests received of the District's responses to Public Records Requests for the time period January 1, 2010, through November 4, 2021.   19,201 $1,582.80   $1,582.80
11/22/21 Tom Acker 1) all education-related social media posts or comments made by an identified staff member and board director; 2) District social media policies; 3) all social media posts, emails, private messages, and texts from certain board directors and a staff member regarding questions asked of and answers provided by a board director in the course of a background investigation; 4) all social media posts and communication made by a staff member regarding board member's volunteer form submission; 5) copies of any District policies regarding background investigations of board directors and potential Directors; 6) texts, social media posts/messages and emails regarding staff member participation in social media discussions; 7) all social media posts made by a staff member and identified directors on social media sites that focus on District policy and processes; 8) number of public records requests made regarding a board member's submission of District's volunteer form and related background check as well as a staff member's participation in social media discussions; 9) for the period Jan 2012 - Nov 2021, broken out by year: a) number of legal complaints, b) number of legal cases, including those settled, adjudicated or resolved in the courts, c) dollar value of any settled cases, d) district's legal costs, e) number of public disclosure requests, f) cost of public disclosure requests, g) number of public disclosure requests where courts determined District was out of compliance, and h) legal fees paid by District or its insurers related to complaints or legal actions against the District; 10) number of legal cases pending against the District, 11) any and all records or communications that show or discuss future District enrollment projections; and 12) titles of an identified staff member, and dates held.   632 $55.25 $2,298.00 $2,353.25
11/10/22 Andrew Magee Specific investigation records for the period beginning October 2022.     $463.71 $62.00 $525.71
11/15/22 Cathy Chen 2022-2023 Dorian school/class photos and candid photos for Northwood students for the PTA yearbook.   487 $88.25   $88.25
12/9/22 Troy Foss Video surveillance and incident report.   1 $424.95   $424.95
1/4/23 Peter Mumford Middle and high school bell schedules for the academic years 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2021-2022. Withdrawn NA $182.39   $182.39
1/11/23 Carol Kuo Directory request   6 $115.42   $115.42
1/18/23 Carol Kuo Directory request   87 $33.74   $33.74
1/19/23 Cathy Chen Directory request   5 $209.84   $209.84
1/19/23 Helen Boyer Superintendent's contract and compensation agreement documentation.   5 $1,189.88   $1,189.88
1/19/23 Amanda Gilmore The lease agreement between Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club and MISD for the PEAK Building.   62 $39.57 $180.00 $219.57
1/19/23 Meghan Hamill Investigation Report   3 $70.52   $70.52
1/20/23 Meghan Hamill Percentage and number of students enrolled in MISD who are also enrolled in classes at private learning centers, UW and running start.   16 $263.41   $263.41
1/24/23 Amanda Gilmore Exhibit E-1 to the Ground Lease and Joint Use Agreement as adopted by the MISD Board of Directors for the Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club PEAK Building.   1 $146.34   $146.34
1/27/23 Sarah Hart Directory request   37 $84.27   $84.27
1/27/23 Bridget Olsen Directory request   16 $33.74   $33.74
2/17/23 Aurora Bearse Total daily district absences and total absences by school for Sept 2018, November 2018, October 2019, February 2019, and January 2020.   12 $243.03   $243.03
2/28/23 Charles Prestrud Number of nonresident students enrolled at Mercer Island High School.   1 $506.49   $506.49
2/6/23 Marni Shepard Directory request   274 $33.74   $33.74
2/8/23 Carol Kuo Staff list for Islander Middle School   3 $63.61   $63.61
3/9/23 Cathy Chen Copies of class photos for each teacher's class at Northwood for PTA yearbook.   8 $141.64   $141.64
3/8/23 Hongji Duan Investigation documentation and video surveillance.   5 $519.78   $519.78
3/10/23 Cristina Espinoza Investigation documentation and video surveillance.   5 $440.37   $440.37
3/8/23 Mark Blair Investigation documentation and video surveillance.   5 $481.67   $481.67
3/15/23 Ramsahai Karen Parent Edge contribution from each school and current enrollment numbers for each school.   1 $33.74   $33.74
4/17/23 Cathy Chen Staff photo   1 $48.49   $48.49
4/21/23 Meghan Hamill Staff email communications and investigation report.   1,728 $2,020.08 $6,464.50 $8,484.58
4/26/23 Amanda Stoffer Staff photos   3 $631.64   $631.64
4/27/23 MSgt Michael Dennis Military directory request   48 $254.74   $254.74
5/3/23 Heidi Padilla Teacher discipline records   1 $160.40   $160.40
5/8/23 Andrew Nguyen All background check forms completed by former director Brian Giannini Upton in the last 6 years and all email correspondence received from/to Bharat Shyam and any anonymous senders or whistleblowers in the 30 days preceding the 2021 general election. Abandoned 230 $929.34 $487.50 $1,416.84
5/10/23 Daniel Glowitz Any correspondence sent by Director Glowitz on May 10, 2023, to the Superintendent. Withdrawn NA $100.44   $100.44
5/11/23 Daniel Glowitz All correspondence sent to/from Bharat Shayam during October 2021, including attachments. Withdrawn NA $212.37   $212.37
5/11/23 Daniel Glowitz All communications to/from Mahlum in the preceding 6 months. Withdrawn NA     $0.00
5/11/23 Daniel Glowitz All communications from Erin Battersby, Andreeves Ronser and Fred Rundle for the ten-minute period 5:39 to 5:49 p.m. on May 11, 2023. Withdrawn NA     $0.00
5/11/23 Daniel Glowitz Records related to the departure of Walter Kelly as High School Principal. Withdrawn NA     $0.00
5/11/23 Daniel Glowitz All text messages from Dan Glowitz to the Superintendent on May 11, 2023, beginning at 5:00 p.m. Withdrawn NA     $0.00
5/17/23 Nick DeVogel All records responsive to Ms. Padilla's May 3, 2023, records request.   9 $73.86   $73.86
5/18/23 Jennifer Crespi Copy of any email correspondence where my name or email address is contained in the address, cc, bcc, subject, the body of the email, or referenced otherwise over the past three months by Dan Glowitz. Withdrawn NA $37.52   $37.52
6/6/23 Michael Cero Documentation supporting the "withdrawal" information presented at the October 14, 2021, board meeting to include any data and/or spreadsheets from September 2019 to present. Abandoned 48 $259.65   $259.65
6/8/23 Daniel Glowitz Any correspondence pertaining to the technical difficulties I experienced at the June 8, 2023, board meeting.   2 $205.93   $205.93
6/26/23 Joy Shouman Video surveillance of MIHS parking lot entrance.   NA $186.72   $186.72
7/10/23 Daniel Glowitz Communications as follows: 1) regarding contents of letter dated July 10, 2023; 2) related to the May 11, 2023, board executive session; 3) included in email thread dated October 21, 2023; and 4) related to the public records requests I filed on filed on May 11, 2023, subsequently rescinded and now wish to reinstate. Abandoned 111 $2,991.07 $31.00 $3,022.07
7/24/23 Bill Hochberg All communication from Director Dan Glowitz's district email and chat account as well as any emails or text messages from his personal devices related to the conduct of agency business from the date Director Glowitz was sworn in to present.   2,565 $931.46   $931.46
7/26/23 Bridget Olsen Directory request   2,304 $183.50   $183.50
7/31/23 Will Dann Program information for students with learning disabilities in the 1980s.   No responsive records $90.26   $90.26
8/4/23 Daniel Glowitz Records pertaining to the submission of a request for all correspondence sent from my district accounts.   1 $19.79   $19.79
8/14/23 Bill Hochberg Phone call logs and text messages sent from Director Dan Glowitz to the Superintendent and any other MISD employee relating to the conduct of agency business from the date Director Glowitz was sworn in to present.   No responsive records $80.02   $80.02
8/17/23 Ken Bronson Number of kids who qualified for Code 33 Highly Capable services based on January 2023 HiCap testing broken out by elementary school.   2 $128.98   $128.98
8/21/23 Demesha Young Directory request   1,001 $131.13   $131.13
8/25/23 Sharon Singh Directory request   514 $75.60   $75.60
8/31/23 Isabel Freitas Peres 1.Number of students new to the district (those who have never attended MISD before and are not returning students) in each grade and school for the past 10 years 2. Number of students enrolled at the beginning and the end of each school year, broken down by grade and school, for the past 10 years. 3. Number of students who departed or unenrolled, categorized by grade and school, for the last 10 years. 4. Exit interview data indicating where students went after unenrolling (e.g., local private schools, out-of-state schools, homeschooling, or online schools) and the reason for departing for last 10 years. Abandoned 386 $433.39   $433.39
9/4/23 Bridget Olsen Directory request   100 $75.60   $75.60
9/5/23 Kevin Thomas Invitation to bid dated April 7, 2021, and all corresponding documents, bid results, project specification and HVAC balance report for Northwood Elementary capital project.   20 $89.25   $89.25
9/6/23 Meghan Hamill All communication to/from a teacher and Burton investigation reports and related communication. Abandoned NA $470.19 $405.00 $875.19
9/6/23 Charlotte Delacruz Salary schedules that include payroll and accounting managers or the most closely related positions if such positions don't exist.   8 $146.72   $146.72
9/8/23 Derek Franklin Directory request   1,183 $75.60   $75.60
9/8/23 Randy Howard Current contract for the operation of Mary Wayte Pool, when and what the process will be when said contract expires and a new contract is awarded, the process for a new interested potential operator to get awarded the contract, last 3 years financials related to said contract, financials from the district side and any on the operator’s side that the district has in their possession.   TBD $567.44   $567.44
9/13/23 Janie Jordan Staff list and directory information   60 $49.66   $49.66
9/19/23 Kate Gilham Directory request   27 $33.74   $33.74
9/19/23 Sharon Singh Directory request for Orchestra Withdrawn NA $26.74   $26.74
9/20/23 Tom Acker All remaining records that have not yet been processed or produced pursuant to 11.22.2021 Tom Acker records request.   1 $124.31 $1,485.00 $1,609.31
9/20/23 Carol Kuo Directory request   1,274 $75.60   $75.60
9/20/23 Chantel Torrey Job descriptions for Athletic Director and Athletic Coordinator.   2 $61.14   $61.14
9/25/23 Andrew Magee Video surveillance   NA $151.02   $151.02
9/25/23 Ken Bronson Percentage of students at, below and above grade level as determined by the iReady diagnostic tests taken in September 2023, broken out separately for math and reading.   16 $234.75   $234.75
10/2/23 Carol Kuo Directory request   1,260 $243.03   $243.03
10/4/23 Meghan Hamill All records produced for the November 19, 2020, Melville Petrosky request, and all records relating to staff and/or personnel training about dyslexia and/or specific learning disorder in reading and/or spelling from November 20, 2020, to present. Abandoned NA $39.57   $39.57
10/10/23 Madison Browne Purchase/lease agreement for the postage equipment used in the main mailroom.   9 $475.45   $475.45
10/11/23 Matthew Tardif Number of students who have independently changed their birth names in Skyward to an alternative name in the last 2 years.   No responsive records $75.60   $75.60
10/18/23 Becky Shaddle Directory request   552 $33.74   $33.74
10/19/23 Casey Ryan Emails to/from the superintendent and all school board members that mention the words "Israel," "Israeli," "Israelis," "Jew," "Jews," "Jewish," "Gaza," "Hamas," "Palestine," "Palestinian," "Palestinians," "Middle East," "war," "terrorist," "terrorism," "apartheid," or "genocide" from October 6, 2023, to the present.   584 $247.97   $247.97
10/23/23 Michael Rost Property & casualty insurance renewal summary for all lines of insurance purchased by the school district and copy of the last employee benefits insurance renewal summary for health, dental and vision plans sponsored by the school district.   1 $41.81   $41.81
10/30/23 Chief Petty Officer Riley Military Directory request   72 $47.69   $47.69
11/10/23 Paul Phillips Staff list and directory information   63 $49.66   $49.66
11/22/23 Sol Bahng All email correspondence related to a student in the past year.   TBD      
  35,059 $21,070.81 $11,413.00 $32,483.81
* Additional Costs include outside legal counsel, consulting, and vendor costs.