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Andrew Howison Bio

Andrew Howison has been a student in the Mercer Island School District since Kindergarten, where he went to West Mercer Elementary School (West is Best). While in middle school, he took multiple peer mentor classes, which led to a love of making new friendships and building a community. 

In High School, Andrew ran and became one of his freshman senators, where he found a passion for advocating for his class. For the next 2 years he continued representing his class and school in one way or another. He also works as the Director of Operations for KMIH, where he gets to work with amazing people who make award-winning radio. 

As the Junior School Board Rep, he had an opportunity to build upon BP 1250 where now students on the school board can have advisory votes and can play a bigger role in the school board. This is to ensure that the board and students listen and grow together.

Outside of school, Andrew volunteers for The Friendship Circle of Washington, which supports kids with special needs. He serves as the President of the student leadership board. Andrew enjoys hiking with his friends and long walks on the beach with his dog, Taz. For the school year, Andrew’s goal is to work with other districts and WSSDA to add student voices to their school boards.