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Title IX Athletic Program Review

Title IX Compliance 

The Title IX Committee meets twice each year to review the progress made in addressing compliance concerns and to confirm the district has continued to make substantial progress in ensuring female students have an equitable opportunity to participate in sports as male students. (Title IX of the Educational Act Amendments of 1972, 34 CRF Part 106, RCW 28A.640 and WAC392-190). For the 2021-22 school year, the percentage of female students participating in sports was 56.7 percent (27 teams year round), which compares to male student participation of 52.8 percent (26 teams year round). While a larger percentage of male students participate in multiple sports, female students continue to highly value the non-competitive activities of Drill and Cheer. 

The Mercer Island School District Title IX Team conducts an annual review of the district's sports programs to identify any issues and make recommendations to enable the district to maintain equity between boys and girls sports programs. There appears to be equity in all eight domains summarized in the annual review. It is also important to note that the number of sports and teams offered for female students exceeds that of male students. The ratio of students to coaches for female sports is better than that of male sports.

Mercer Island is committed to providing equitable programs for our male and female students across the district. We understand the value of our sports program in the development of our students to be the future leaders of American values and interests around the world.

Sports Participation Report 2021-22 (pdf)

Title IX Compliance Committee Members

Erin Battersby 

Becky LeMaster

Becky Shaddle

Gavin Cree

Lindsey Blaine

Lyndsey Gillis

Nick Wold

Tiffany Comeau

Tony Kuhn

Amanda Mattocks

Ian Henry

Stephen Rennie

Aaron Miller

Carol Gullstad

Jennifer Merritt

Lee Jahncke

Title IX Compliance Steering Committee Meeting Minutes:
For additional information, please contact:

Mercer Island School District Title IX Compliance Officer
Erin Battersby, at 206-230-6227 or

Public Records Requests

Visit our Public Records Requests webpage for information on the process for making public record requests involving Title IX