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STLA Members

Role Representing Name
Superintendent District Fred Rundle
Board Director Governing Board Deborah Lurie
Director Learning Services Jamie Prescott
Director Learning Services Nova Williams
Director Special Services Sue Ann Bube
Site Administrator High School Nick Wold
Site Administrator Middle School Mary Jo Budzius
Site Administrator Elementary School Julie Newcomer
Teacher High School Curtis Johnson
Teacher Middle School Renee DeBock
Teacher Island Park Stephanie John-Lewis
Teacher Lakeridge Molly Harnish
Teacher Northwood Marisa LeVeque
Teacher West Mercer Kelly Flaherty
Teacher Special Services Brenna Nelson
Instructional Coach General Education Chris Cocklin-Ray
Instructional Coach Special Services Hilary Galland
Staff Member MIEA Zen Morrison
School Counselor MIHS Certificated Molly Smith/Katy Johnson
School Counselor IMS Certificated Jayna Dash
Executive Director MISF Tammy Shoop
Teacher CCR General Advisory Jen McLellan
Parent CCR General Advisory Cliff Sharples


Vivian Zhou
PTA DEI Elect Robin Li
PTA SSALD/Special Services and Learning Differences Ashley Sternberg
Parent Special Services and Learning Differences Meghan Banta
PTA G2EL/Gifted and Twice Exceptional Learners Mike Westover
Parent Gifted and Twice Exceptional Learners Meghan Hamill
Parent ELD/English Language Development Sophy Yang
Parent ELD/English Language Development Yen-Ling Lee
Student MIHS Silas
Student MIHS Regina
Student MIHS Ashwin