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Parent Resources

The first resource for any family whose student needs support is the classroom or Title/LAP teacher. They are a wealth of knowledge and are formally educated in literacy education. 

When you are seeking more education as a parent, beware that there are lots of sites out there that make erroneous claims about learning and instruction. Below are some resources for families to use as a starting point. Please note that MISD does not monitor external sites for their updates. That said, these are some generally reputable sites.



Parenting a struggling reader. New York. Broadway Books. Hall, S. & Moats, L.C. (2002)

  • Straight Talk about Reading. Hall, S.L. & Moats, L.C. (1999) Chicago, Ill. Contemporary Books
  • Starting out right: A guide to promoting children's reading success. National Research Council. (1999). Washington, DC: National Academy Press.
  • Put reading first: Helping your child learn to read: A parent guide: Preschool through grade 3. The Partnership for Reading. (2000). MD: National Institute for Literacy.
  • 7 keys to comprehension: How to help your kids read it and get it! Zimmermann, S., & Hutchings, C., (2003). New York: Three Rivers Press.