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Title 1 and Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

For more information, see administrative policy 4130: Title I Parent and Family Engagement

In Mercer Island School District, the Title I and LAP services are provided in a Learning Support Program. As a school district we conduct universal reading assessments three times a year to track student progress and identify students who may need additional support to build strong foundational reading skills and to continue progressing in their reading skills.  At each grade level, we use grade-level appropriate research-based measures to examine both discrete early literacy skills and more comprehensive application of reading skills in text and text passages.  We use the results of these assessments to inform our small group instruction in the classroom, as well as to select students for additional supports through our Learning Support Program.

The Learning Support Program provides targeted instruction to students in small groups, in addition to their classroom reading instruction, to bolster their skill development.  Through direct instruction, games, and activities, students work on building knowledge and fluency with critical reading skills. 

It is important to note that, whether Title I or LAP funded, these two programs do not mean that your student is "failing" in school. Our role in the greater school system is to ensure that all students are receiving the services that they need. To do this, we provide additional supports; both in and out of the classroom. If you received notice that your child will be participating in one of these settings, there is no cause for alarm. The goal of the instructors in each building is to ensure the student has everything he or she needs to continue in school as a successful reader.

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