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iPhone and iPad Instructions

To install the MISD content filter certificate on an iPhone or iPad you must use Safari to download the certificate.


  1. In Safari, click this link: ContentKeeper Certificate to download the certificate.
  2. When prompted, click "Allow" to the prompt asking if you would like to download the profile.
  3. Open Files app > On My iPhone and find the downloaded certificate (ck-ssli.cer) and long hold
  4. Select Get Info from options, click on OPEN. A pop up will let you know you need to review the profile in settings, click out of the pop up and continue
  5. Go to your device Settings > General > VPN & Device Management
  6. Click on the ContentKeeper Appliance CA (Mercer Island) profile
  7. Select Install in upper corner, then click install if it prompts you again.
  8. Click Done in upper corner.
  9. Go to Settings > General > About scroll to bottom then Certificate Trust Settings
  10. Enable ContentKeeper Appliance CA certificate and click Continue
  11. Done

ContentKeeper Certificate