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MIHS 1:1 Laptop Program

The district's laptop 1:1 program evaluation was initiated in 2019, and after rigorous feedback, testing and evaluation by both staff and students, it has recently concluded this winter 2023. Mercer Island High School has decided to switch from iPads to Lenovo Yoga laptops as our 9-12 High School device, and this transition has been met with great enthusiasm and anticipation. Our decision was based on the results of initial surveys and feedback, which highlighted the need for laptops with larger screens, touch screens, keyboards, full browser support for extensions, the ability to use a stylus, durability, classroom management features, ease of use, and a manageable deployment and management process.
We are confident that these new laptops will significantly enhance our students' learning experiences and better prepare them for the future. With the larger touch screens, students will be able to better engage with their coursework, collaborate more effectively with their peers, and express their ideas more creatively. The full browser support for extensions will enable our students to customize their learning experience and explore new avenues for learning. The stylus feature will allow them to take notes faster and more efficiently, as well as annotate and highlight important information.
Overall, we believe that these new Lenovo Yoga laptops will be a game-changer for our students and faculty. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible learning experience, and these laptops are a significant step towards achieving that goal.
If you would like to see more information about this decision, here is a resource below:

Click Here for the new High School Laptop Accessible Use Agreement:

Laptop Agreement for Use

Summer 2023 Laptop Early Distribution Dates

July 12, 19, 24

August 2, 8, 16

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