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IMS\MIHS Online Learning Tech Support Resources

Hello Families of IMS and MIHS!

Here is our Back-to-School Technology Checklist for students and families. We have also created Tech Tutorials for students and parents on how to use our Online Learning Tools.

TOP Three Student Accounts!
1.     Have you logged into your Gmail on your student iPad?
Having Trouble with Gmail? Here is a video link

2.     Students will have their own Zoom accounts this year through the district. You will need to create a Zoom account with your school email. 
Here is a video for how to log in for your Zoom account on a Browser
Then go to the iPad Zoom app. Log in by using the Google SSO button. 

3.     Make sure you can log-in to Schoology before the first day of school. **Note that students won’t be able to see their courses until Sept 1st.
Here is a video for how to do that on your student iPad app
Here is a video for your iPad’s browser (same for a computer)

The good news is that both Schoology and Zoom are linked to Google so students will use their MISD Google login information for both. 

Parent Schoology Accounts

Accounts are created for you and connected to your students. Please login at using the email address you use in Skyward.
To (re)set your password you can use the Forgot password link on that page.
Note: Courses on Schoology will not be open/visible to students until the first day of School.

We are all very excited to meet your students and continue their learning this fall.
If you should have any technology related questions please send an email to, which will generate a tech ticket and some one on the team will reach out to you.

Offline Time is Important - Remember To

  • Read every day: read for at least 20 minutes. Keep a reading log to track & celebrate!
  • Write every day: keep a journal, write letters, create stories, make cartoons, write a thank you note to a family member, friend, or teacher.
  • Exercise regularly: go for a walk together, jump, run, stretch.
  • Create art often: draw, paint, sculpt, build, arrange items beautifully.
  • Make music: sing along to your favorite songs, practice an instrument, make a playlist for friends.
  • Practice a new language: try to label items around your house in a new language, practice greetings and asking questions.
  • Talk: build oral language skills and social-emotional connections just by talking together about what you are doing, books you have read, what you notice around you, and how you are feeling.
  • Play: exercise your imagination, engage your family and laugh!