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ELL Contact Information


General information about K-12 ELD Services

  • Placement Testing

  • Teacher Training

  • Parent Education

Kristin Kim, EL Coordinator

  • Northwood Elementary

  • Island Park Elementary

  • Mercer Island High

Roxane Chan, EL Coordinator

  • Lakeridge Elementary

  • West Mercer Elementary

  • Islander Middle School

  • Check on EL's progress in English language development

  • Facilitates communication with classroom or content area teachers

Kristin Kim, ELD Teacher

  • Northwood Elementary School

  • Island Park Elementary School

Roxane Chan, ELD Teacher

  • Lakeridge Elementary

  • West Mercer Elementary

Alyssa Alexander, ELD Teacher

  • Islander Middle School

Alma Parness, ELD Teacher

  • Mercer Island High School

  • Curriculum

  • ELD Services

  • Learning Support

  • Assessment

Nova Williams

Director of Learning Services