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Dyslexia and Other Reading Difficulties


This page was developed to help support families of students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties. Here, you will find resources of all varieties, from webinars to books. As a Learning Services Department, and as a school system, we believe in providing an equitable learning experience for students. This means supporting families with challenges related to education. 

An overview of the sub-pages: 

FAQs: This subpage houses questions that we've gotten during webinars, common myths addressed, and questions we have gotten in our work with families. This page will help you find potential answers to some of your questions. 

Resources: This subpage will be updated, as needed. It contains links to sites, books, articles, general guidance, etc. for families who have children with reading challenges. 

Screening for Dyslexia: This page is specific to E2SSB 6162, Washington legislation about screening students for areas of weakness associated with dyslexia. You will find information about our process, as it evolves over time, as well as information about the Bill itself. 

Webinars: In the 2020-2021 school year, we launched a series of webinars for families of students with reading difficulties. While this series is focused largely on elementary, there are topics that pertain to any grade level student. Video links will be posted, as they are completed. It is our hope to continue offering such opportunities, in an effort to provide a more direct line of communication about overall district procedures, as well as resources for supporting your children at home.