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Social Studies Honors Human Geography and Climate Change Course Development and Adoption Committee

Purpose of the Review:
  • Declining enrollment in social studies at the 9th grade level
  • Increasing need to teach climate change to students
  • Leveling concerns with a two core-level Early Civilization courses, and preparation for honors/AP
  • Repetition of course description in 6th and 9th grade
Course or courses under review or consideration:
  • Maintained - Early Civilizations Semester
  • Removed - Early Civilizations Yearlong
  • Added - Honors Human Geography and Climate Change

Committee Members: David Willecke, Amanda Mattocks, Ed Puchalla, Tyson Peters, Jamie Robertson, John Stafford, Susan Rindlaub, Melanie Vandernberg, Lance Kinsey, Dino Annest

Meeting Dates:

8/29/22 Minutes - Presentation of summer work regarding potential climate change course addition

9/21/22 Minutes - Reviewed OER course materials and the AP HUG curriculum

10/14/22 Minutes - By process of elimination, narrowed down to best options for future course(s)

10/17/22 Minutes - finalized Honors Human Geo and Climate change

10/26/22 Minutes - wrote the course description for course catalog

Projected Timeline & Future Meetings:

11/30/22 - Narrow textbook to 2-3 best contenders

12/14/22 - Evaluate with both social studies rubric and IMC

1/11/23 - Confirm textbooks choice and fill out IMC paperwork

1/12/23 - Board Meeting confirming course changes/additions

Future meetings TBD

3/21/23 - IMC Meeting to present textbooks​​​​