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K-5 Literacy and Math Adoptions

Please see the information below about our current math and literacy adoption processes. We anticipate a curriculum decision by spring of 2022 with a staggered rollout in the 2022-2023 school year. Kindergarten through second grade will roll out literacy first and third through fifth grade will roll out math first. In 2023-2024, kindergarten through second grade will roll out math and third through fifth grade will roll out literacy. 

Please submit feedback for finalists here.


  • December 2021: Discuss the state of affairs and determine wants and needs
  • February 2022: Review initial materials evaluations and rubric
  • March 2022: Initial deep dive into five materials
  • March 2022: Curriculum presentations
  • March 2022: Deep dive into finalists
  • April 2022: Community and staff engagements
  • April 2022: Selection and preparation to present to the Instructional Materials Committee and School Board


  • Spring 2021: Identify and evaluate our current reality
  • November 2021: Identify the needs of math curriculum in MISD and discuss effective math teaching practices
  • December 2021: Evaluate the rubric for curriculum
  • February 2022: First elimination of materials, deep dive into effective math teaching practices in classrooms
  • April 2022: Curriculum Presentations and deep dive into materials
  • May 2022: Present selected tool to the Instructional Materials Committee and the School Board

Staff Representation:


  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Michele Frisch - WM
  • Math Adoption Committee: Elizabeth Melton-Grace - NW

First Grade:

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Jordan Jacobsen - NW, Natalie Opsvig - IP
  • Math Adoption Committee: Kristi Diederich - LR

Second Grade:

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Kelly Rorem - IP
  • Math Adoption Committee: Samantha Moseley - IP

Third Grade:

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Amber Bobst - LR
  • Math Adoption Committee: Leslie Scheurich - WM

Fourth Grade:

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Angela Mitchell - WM, former 4th grade teacher
  • Math Adoption Committee: Julie Newcomer - NW

Fifth Grade:

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Marisa LeVeque - NW
  • Math Adoption Committee: Martina Fitzgerald - IP, Victoria Vermiglio - NW

Special Education:

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Brenna Nelson - NW
  • Math Adoption Committee: Elizabeth Ohvall - IP

English Language Development:

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Roxane Chan - LR, WM
  • Math Adoption Committee: NA

Learning Support Specialist (reading only):

  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Amanda Higgins - LR
  • Math Adoption Committee: NA


  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Heidi Clark - NW Instructional Coach
  • Math Adoption Committee: Lisa Bienstock - LR Instructional Coach, Chris Cocklin Ray - District Instructional Coach, Julie Hovind - District Tech Coach


  • Literacy Adoption Committee: Nova Williams - Assistant Director of Learning Services
  • Math Adoption Committee: Megan Isakson - WM Principal, Nova Williams - Assistant Director of Learning Services