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iReady Assessments

iReady Video Introduction

MISD recently conducted a informational webinar for elementary families on the iReady platform. Mercer Island families can watch the video by clicking the link below. This video is password protected. The password will be emailed to elementary families.  

Watch iReady Introduction Webinar

Universal Benchmarking Assessment- Grades K-8

The iReady diagnostic is an assessment tool used in grades K-8 as a benchmarking resource. A benchmarking assessment is administered three times a year. Its purpose is intended to support instruction by helping teachers know what the areas of strength and opportunity are for each student. The iReady diagnostic is administered three times a year as a starting point. Teachers also have access to additional assessments, called Literacy Tasks, to determine areas of need in reading. 

Once a student has taken the diagnostic, he/she/they will be placed in a Personalized Instruction pathway that is intended to support the growth of the student. Curriculum Associates, the creator of the tool, advises that students use Personalized instruction 30-49 minutes a week for each content area, if they have been assigned lessons. This band of time has demonstrated impact on growth for students over the course of an instructional year. It is only to be used in conjunction with instruction in the classrooms, as a supplement. 

Read more below to learn details of our new assessment suite.