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Homeless McKinney-Vento Program

Mercer Island School District supports students who are experiencing homelessness (as defined by Title X) and students who are in temporary foster care placement. This includes students living in, transitional housing, temporary group homes, doubled-up with other families, moving from home to home, living unsheltered, living in a hotel or motel, or other temporary or inadequate nighttime accommodations due to financial or catastrophic circumstances (including domestic violence & fire).

The District supports McKinney-Vento qualified students living with their families and students living on their own as an unaccompanied youth (that is students living without the physical or financial support of their guardians or parents).

If during the school year your family's housing situation changes, please complete the Student Housing Questionnaire.

McKinney-Vento Students - Know Your Rights and Stay in School

  • Right to continue at School of Origin – even if students move outside of the school’s normal boundaries.
  • Right to Immediate Enrollment at a new school that serves current address.
  • Right to Transportation Support to School of Origin when feasible.
  • Free nutrition services
  • No School Fees – including ASB, Parking, Field Trips, Physical Education Fees, Lab Fees, etc…
  • Help to obtain extra academic supports, school supplies, and basic clothing if needed
  • Help connecting to social service supports

To access McKinney-Vento Services, students or guardians (or adults caring for unaccompanied youth) can speak with the School Counselor or the Registrar at any Mercer Island Public School, or they can call the District’s McKinney-Vento Liason at (206) 236-3445.

If a parent/guardian or unaccompanied youth requests enrollment that the Mercer Island School District believes is not in the best interest of the student or there is a dispute over whether a student will receive transportation to the school he/she has a request, enrollment, and transportation dispute resolution information is available here.

By self-identifying McKinney-Vento status, students get the support they need to stay in school!

Homeless Youth Handbook - Legal Issues and Options

The Homeless Youth Handbook - Legal Issues and Options is a unique and comprehensive guide to the laws and other issues that affect homeless youth in the state of Washington.  The Handbook’s18 chapters cover topics from education, health care and housing to consumer and credit issues.  Available at

Mercer Island School District Homeless Liaison

Jamie Prescott
Director, Learning Services

Additional information about homeless services is available through:

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Melinda Dyer
Program Manager, Homeless Children, and Youth