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Guiding Laws, Policies and Procedures

PART IV - Guiding Laws, Policies and Procedures

The laws and subsequent policies and procedures governing student discipline continuously change, but the purpose is always the same- ensure our schools are safe, orderly, and preserve the right to an education for everyone. Here is a compilation of the guiding documents our schools use when enforcing discipline and responding to student behavior.

1. Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

a. This Federal law protects the right to privacy and confidentiality for all students. It is a law taken very seriously by our staff and sometimes frustrates parents when they want to know information about another student but the schools cannot provide it. In particular, FERPA is the reason we do not disclose the disciplinary action taken on a student. 

b. MISD Student Records Policy and Procedure

2. Revised Codes of Washington (RCWs)

The following are some of the frequently cited and followed RCWs when working through disciplinary situations. In short, an RCW is an overview of the legislation written, passed, and signed into law.

a. Enforcement of Rules of Conduct- RCW 28A.600.010
b. Expulsions and Suspensions- RCW 28A.600.015
c. Exclusions- RCW 28A.600.020
d. Suspended or Expelled Students- RCW 28A.600.022
e. Rules and Regulations- RCW 28A.600.040
f. Alternatives to Suspensions- RCW 28A.600.410
g. Firearms- RCW 28A.600.420
h. Classroom Discipline- RCW 28A.600.460

3. Washington Administrative Codes (WACs)

The following are some of the frequently cited and followed WACs when working through disciplinary situations. In short, a WAC interprets the RCW and further explains how the RCW should be followed and practiced.

a. Purpose, Authority, Application, and Definitions- WAC 392-400-010 through 025
b. Discipline Policies and Procedures- WAC 392-400-110 through 115
c. Classroom Exclusions- WAC 392-400-030 through 035
d. Suspensions and Expulsions- WAC 392-400-430 through 480
e. Emergency Expulsions- WAC 392-400-510 through 530
f. Educations Services and Re Engagement- WAC 392-400-610 and 710
g. Due Process- WAC 392-400-805 through 830

4. Mercer Island School District Policies and Procedures

After the RCWs and WACs are published, Mercer Island School District further interprets and adopts policies and procedures for how the school district will follow the law and apply practices to meet the needs of and protect students, staff, and community members. 

a. Internet Safety- Policy 2022 and Procedure 2022
b. Students Rights and Responsibilities 3200
c. Sexual Harassment- Policy 3205 and Procedure 3205
d. Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation- Policy 3207 and Procedure 3207
e.  Nondiscrimination- Policy 3210 and Procedure 3210
f.  Gender Inclusive Schools- Policy 3211 and Procedure 3211
g. Freedom of Expression- Policy 3220 and Procedure 3220
h. School Based Threat Assessment- Policy 3225 and Procedure 3225
i. Student Discipline- Policy 3241 and Procedure 3241
j. Use, Possession, and Sale of Alcohol and Drugs- Policy 3247
k. Mutual Respect and Civility- Policy 4020 and Procedure 4020
l. Regulation of Dangerous Weapons- Policy 4210
m. Use and Possession of Tobacco, Nicotine and Delivery Devices- Policy 4215
n. Student Athletic Code of Conduct and Eligibility (MIHS)