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Addendums - Four Functions of Behavior Examples

1. Attention seeking- act in a way that will get feedback, positive or negative, from others.

a) A 7th grade student consistently raises their hand to get called on or praised for doing so instead of blurting out.

b) A 9th grader posts negative comments about another student online to get attention from other students.

c) A driver slows to allow another car to move over lanes and the driver who moves over waves with appreciation.

2. Escaping- avoid acting by either refraining altogether or finding an alternative task.

a) A high schooler volunteers to go to the grocery store for their parents instead of doing homework.

b) A 2nd grader always asks to go to the nurse during math.

c) A driver sees you weaving in and out of traffic and slows down to get away from you. 

3. Accessing something tangible or desired- act out or in a way to acquire something wanted.

a) An 8th grader begs and pleads with their guardian to stay home instead of going to school after winter break

b) A kindergartener throws a tantrum when a fellow classmate will not share.

c) A senior sends a thank you note to a college admissions counselor after a visit.

d) You drive recklessly to get to the airport on time and to make your flight.

4. Stimulating senses- act to displace discomfort or experience something more pleasant.

a) A 6th grader taps their pencil on their desk while the teacher hands out a test.

b) An 11th grader takes deep breaths before the SAT.

c) A driver gestures toward you to make them feel better about how much they are bothered by you skirting around traffic and sneaking onto the 405.