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Say Something

  • See Something, Say Something:

    Know the Signs; If Concerned, Speak to a Trusted Adult or Use the Tip Line (accessible by clicking above or calling 1-844-5-SayNow)

    People who hurt themselves or others often show warning signs before they carry out an act of violence.

    9 Critical Warning Signs of Violence

    Here is the Sandy Hook list of nine potential warning signs* that can signal an individual may be in crisis or need help:

    1. Suddenly withdrawing from friends, family and activities (including online or via social media)
    2. Bullying, especially if targeted towards differences in race, religion, gender or sexual orientation 
    3. Excessive irritability, lack of patience, or becoming angry quickly
    4. Experiencing chronic loneliness or social isolation 
    5. Expressing persistent thoughts of harming themselves or someone else
    6. 6. Making direct threats toward a place, another person, or themselves
    7. 7. Bragging about access to guns or weapons
    8. 8. Recruiting accomplices or audiences for an attack 
    9. 9. Directly expressing a threat as a plan 

    NOTE: This isn’t a complete list of all warning signs. Exhibiting one of these signs doesn’t necessarily indicate imminent violence. When concerned about troubling behaviors, tell a trusted adult or call 911 if there is an immediate threat.

    The Say Something Crisis Center Is Your Partner In Preventing Tragedy Before It Happens

    The Say Something crisis counselors are here to support you. They’re:
    • Caring, compassionate Sandy Hook Promise employees
    • Educated, experienced, and highly trained
    • Bilingual in Spanish and English, with translation support for over 600 languages
    • Available 24/7/365 to help manage the tips and get the crucial information back to you

    For more information about The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System visit the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) FAQ