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Each MISD employee is critical to fulfilling the educational needs of our students. Absences have an impact on student learning and achievement. For that reason, it is imperative that you follow the District procedures when you are absent as they are designed to reduce the student impact of your absence.

Requests for personal leave must be submitted via Absence Management as early as possible but no less than three (3) working days in advance. If requesting to use personal leave for multiple consecutive days, such requests must be submitted in advance, to your supervisor, and in a timeframe consistent with the provisions of the governing CBA. In absence of a contract language, the expectation is that requests to use multiple personal leave days consecutively be made 20 working days in advance. Failure to submit personal leave requests within this timeframe may result in disciplinary action.

Sick leave days may only be used for illness, emergencies, and mandatory religious observance days (limit two (2) days per year). Sick leave days cannot be used for personal leave. For absences of 5 days or more, documentation from a medical professional must be provided.

The type of leave requested depends on the reason for the leave. If applicable, please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement  (CBA) for specifically available leaves and their terms.



The District adheres to the provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and agrees to extend these provisions to employees who meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the FMLA. Please contact the HR Department to initiate an FMLA request. For MIEA members, please see the applicable CBA available on the District website for more information regarding leaves.  For more information, please select the following link or access the following FAQ published by the Department of Labor. 


PFML is a state-administered insurance program that provides partial wage replacement for wage loss due to absence on account of personal medical conditions or for care of a family member as defined in the plan. Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program does not replace the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and in most cases, PFML and FMLA will run concurrently. Wage replacement under PFML is up to 90% of weekly pay to a maximum determined by the program and generally available for up to 12 weeks per year if you have worked the baseline hours over the previous several quarters. This program is administered by the Washington State Employment Security Department. Employees may submit an application for the PFML benefits for covered wage losses. For more information on PFML, please select the following link


Longer-term leaves (from two weeks up to a year) are requested by completing a Request for Extended Leave form and submitting it to Human Resources.  For more information, contact Human Resources.


Leaves that extend beyond your personal leave or sick leave allocation must be approved in advance by the School Board and, if awarded, will be without pay. Such requests are facilitated by the Human Resource department by completing a Request for Unpaid Leave. Failure to secure Board approval for unpaid absences may result in disciplinary action.