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Accidents and Injuries at Work

All incidents and injuries should be reported by calling the Nurse Triage phone number.  Please do not report incidents/injuries on the Puget Sound Worker's Compensation website.

If you have a work related incident/injury to report, please follow these steps:

  • Notify your direct supervisor of the work related incident/injury.
  • Call the Nurse Triage phone number at 1-833-WCT-NURS (1-833-928-6877). 
    • Your supervisor should make the call with you.
    • If your supervisor is not available, you may call on your own.
  • Detail your medical symptoms or complaints to the Registered Nurse on the phone.
  • The Registered Nurse will recommend first-aid self treatment or refer you to an off-site medical evaluation.

Following the phone call, you will receive a completed accident report via email.

If medical care is sought, the Registered Nurse will initiate a Worker's Compensation claim on your behalf.  You will receive a second email with a claim packet and a phone call from a Worker's Compensation Consultant within 3 business days.

The District is committed to supporting workers while injured, and medical documentation will be reviewed to see if accommodations are available for the injured worker's to return to work.