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2023 Facility Updates

Beginning in April 2023, a diverse group of 30+ community members will come together begin the process of updating the District’s Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP). Their work will include a review of the prior LRFP, current demographic information, facility condition, vision and mission, and the District’s financial status. Some participants are returning members who served on the committee in 2019-20 and others are new.  Over the course of a series of meetings in the spring, they will develop recommendations for any future improvements to our schools. These recommendations are expected to be shared with the larger Mercer Island community in the fall of 2023.  Updates on the committee’s work will be posted to this page throughout the year.

Mahlum Architects brought the committee through the 2019-20 process and they will continue their work on this update.  David Mount and LeRoy Landers, both principals with Mahlum will lead the work.

As documents become available and are shared with the committee, they will be posted on this page.  Video of each meeting will also be posted shortly after the meetings.