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2023-24 Facility Updates

Beginning in April 2023, a diverse group of 30+ community members came together to begin the process of updating the District’s Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP). Their work included a review of the 2019-20 LRFP, current demographic information, facility condition, vision and mission, and the District’s financial status. Some participants are returning members who served on the committee in 2019-20 and others are new.

The District started the process of updating the Long Range Facility Plan (LRFP) in the spring 2023 with a series of five meetings.  

LRFP Timeline

  • Over the 5 meetings LRFP Committee developed recommendations for future improvements to our schools which were shared with Board at the August 24 meeting, a recap of which can be read below.
  • After the August 24 Board meeting the LRFP Committee met a single time in September.  
  • The District held three Community Engagement Sessions in October, a video of one them can be viewed below, to solicit additional input from the community to help further shape the recommendations. As part of the sessions a survey was conducted to gather feedback from the community on the LRFP. 
  • The Board held a Study Session on Tuesday, October 24 on the LRFP.
  • At the Board Meeting on Thursday, October 26 the Board removed consolidation of a elementary school as a variable from the LRFP.
  • At the Board Meeting on Thursday, November 9 the Board formalized there would be no consolidation of an elementary school.
  • Phase 2 of the LRFP started on Monday, November 13 when the Long Range Facility Plan Committee reconvened for a single meeting.
  • Development of the LRFP will be presented to the Board in January of 2024.

A FAQ, with more information on our LRFP,  is below.

Members of the community can sign up to receive MISD news via email on the LRFP. Select “Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP)” on our Sign Up For MISD News Form

Mahlum Architects brought the committee through the 2019-20 process and they continue their work on the 2023-24 LRFP update. David Mount and LeRoy Landers, both principals with Mahlum are leading the work.

As documents become available and are shared with the committee, they will be posted on this page. Videos of each meeting, meeting minutes, and the presentation slide deck are posted below the FAQ on this page.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received from the community at the Community Engagement Sessions on the LRFP. 

LRFP Presentation to Board on August 24, 2023

The Mercer Island School Board received an update and presentation from Mahlum and District staff at its board meeting on Thursday, August 24, on the work done by the 2023-24 LRFP Committee to update the Long Range Facility Plan (LRFP).

The presentation to the Board was done in two parts, with the first part being a 29-minute prerecorded video presentation from LeRoy Landers of Mahlum released prior to the August 24 Board meeting. The video can be seen in the right hand column and the presentation in the video is linked here: LRFP Update - Part 1   

The second part of the presentation to the Board took place at the Board meeting on August 24, which is available to watch in the the right hand column. The presentation Landers gave to the Board is linked here: LRFP Update - Part 2

The 2023-24 LRFP Committee came up with approaches for the LRFP that were not proposed by District or Mahlum staff. The approaches were developed from discussions by and with the Committee over six meetings, the videos of, meeting minutes, and presentations which are linked below. 

The intent of the LRFP Committee is to develop initial proposals that have been thought out so that they can be the basis and starting point for further community input. The plans and approaches developed by the Committee could change and are not in any way set in stone. 

Long Range Facility Planning FAQ

LRFP Committee Meetings