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2019-20 Facility Updates

A broad-based Facilities Planning Committee of community and school leaders met for several months during the 2019-20 school year to develop recommendations for the Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP).

The Mercer Island School District (MISD) engaged Mahlum Architects to develop the LRFP.

MISD Long-Range Facilities Plan (9/16/2020)

In developing the LRFP, Mahlum’s work included:

  • analysis of educational adequacy, including educational specifications and MISD education delivery models;
  • building systems evaluation;
  • facility needs analysis;
  • facilitation of meetings with the Board, students, staff and the public;
  • community outreach and public process;
  • gathering and analysis of board, staff and community input;
  • review of enrollment and population projections; and
  • generate and provide MISD with a final LRFP Report.

For questions regarding the Long Range Facilities Comprehensive Planning process, email Owners Representative Brandy Fox.