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Welcome to the Islander Middle School construction home page!


Islander Middle School was originally constructed in 1958. The campus was comprised of three separate buildings all connects by covered walkways. Since 1958 IMS has been through a larger remodel in 1994 and some smaller scale renovations. In 1994 Erickson McGovern Architects modernized the whole campus and added approximately 17,000 sq.ft. between two of the three buildings. In 2000, Harthorne Hagen Architects helped design the added 300 wing at the school, which provided five additional classrooms and two science rooms to the campus. 

Today, Islander Middle School consists of three separate buildings, one from the original 1958 build, one from the 2000 renovation, and a new addition from 2016.  The addition replaced a section of the 1958 building and was built with the idea in mind of an eventual second addition to the campus to replace the two older buildings still on the site. Islander Middle School today is approximately 140,000 sq.ft. and has over 1,100 students in attendance.

Please refer below for a general timeline of all of the projects as well as a few links with more information and photos of the renovations.

2017 Fire Alarm Replacement

2016 Replacement Project - Part 1

2016 Replacement Project - Part 2

2011 Track Replacement 

2010 High Efficiency Boiler Replacement 

2010 Gym Locker Room Remodel 

2008 Additional Restroom 

2000 300 Wing Addition

1994 Addition and Modernization